I just checked out a few websites that focus on right-to-life, and what's wrong with abortion. I didn't bother with scholarly sources, so I wouldn't mind if any scholars jumped into this discussion.

Meanwhile, it seems that none of the most popular anti-abortion opinions care to delve into the definition of life in the womb, and the Bible references employed make no mention of any knowledge wrt sperm, egg, zygote, attachment to womb, embryo, fetus, and so on. They usually just skip right to using the word "child", requiring no further definition or discussion. Their main appeal is an emotional one with words like murder, helpless, God's creation, soul, and so on. The significance of brain and consciousness never even reach 1st base in any discussion, of course.

I.e., there's no basis for claiming that a zygote, fertilized egg, or embryo is human life that deserves protection, nor even that any of them are "God's creation". But the tribal bible thumpers just infer that the Bible informs them enough to define the zygote/embryo/fetus as a "child", as if God Himself would back them up. (Jesus, their arrogance!)

I hope not to rehash here previous discussions of what we should philosophically define exactly when the developing zygote/embryo/fetus becomes "human" enough to require protection. I'm hoping to stay specifically on the topic of what the Bible says (if anything) about these stages of development in the womb. I claim it says NOTHING to support pro-lifers, except perhaps in later, visible stages of pregnancy. Please prove me wrong.

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Yes, thank you for the references. I also saw (but didn't follow up on) a mention that God himself told people to slash open the bellies of pregnant women, or something like that.

Again, Christians (even our fundamentalist brethren) are not wholly dependent on the Bible.  It's a text, but it is not the sum and total of all understanding.  It's also a culturally-based text, so it frequently does not address behaviors that were already taboo (or just inaccessible) within that culture.

As far as I'm aware, the written Christian views on sex and abortion grew out of the Jewish reaction to Hellenism and the Christian reaction to Roman society, and only began to appear after contact with those cultures where it was not taboo.  That's the same reaction that also taught us all that pederasty is wrong, where it was accepted in those other societies.


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