In this discussion I would like to talk about abortion. It is always something I have felt very strong about and would argue to the ends of the earth on. I have always been Pro-Life, always. Ever since I became an Atheist, this topic keeps popping up in my head. Since it is something I have not wanted to confront, I have been pushing it to the back burner. Now that I have given it some thought I would like to tell you where I used to stand and where I stand now. When I was a Christian my thought process was "Abortion is Never the right choice unless the mother and child will both die." So even if the child were to survive and the mother dies, abortion is still not the right choice. Some might even consider that murder, I guess. To answer this question I'm sure someone will ask, Yes I would have and still would give up my life for my child. Well, now I'm sort of seeing things a bit different. If a female gets raped and gets pregnant from it, abortion is ok, (sad all the way around - for everyone).  If a woman chooses to abort a baby due to the risk to the mothers life, Ok. If the baby will have a very very very difficult life and in turn make the parents have an equally difficult life, ok. To me abortion is a horrible thing, if someone wants to have an abortion just because oops I got preggo. That is horrible. If you don't want kids do everything in your power to NOT get pregnant. Simple as that. Life is a beautiful an precious thing, and yes I do believe it is special.  Any and All comments are welcome :)

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Just trying to help a brother out.
There's a reason arms are exactly this long. That's why the dinosaurs died out. Not meteors or climate change...Sheer frustration- poor T-Rex with those itty bitty arms.

That's my thesis and I'm sticking to it.
Plus I have a dinosaur puppet it's one of his favorite routines.
haha...Cupp IS attractive, but idk if I can get past some of her ignorance..
heh... I think hitchens made fun of the idea of sperm having souls by saying that since techinically every cell has the ability to be a human [cloning?] that the pope is committing genicide of souls everytime he scratches his nose.
That was Harris actually (just as a minor pain in the ass correction 8^)
Well... Martin Luther did... some other idiots in the PRESENT day did too [I think] .... cant remember
First of all, I think that abortions should be: Safe. Legal. Rare. Also, as a male, I fully understand that the male's role in brining life into this world is far removed from burden. Given the medical (mother's life, etc.) and societal (rape, etc.) need for abortion, and that it is the female role to carry a fetus to term, it seems that the ultimate choice should be that of the woman. At the same time, I also value potential life and maintain high regard for the biological process of reproduction. In a sense, I am pro-choice and pro-life (how about that for a bumper sticker!).

Joli, you should listen to a recent discussion with Jen Roth on this topic. While I am not endorsing her views and am still thinking through many of the talking points, her take on abortion as an atheist is quite nuanced and interesting.
I was just about to maybe recommend that Point of Inquiry podcast episode with Jen Roth speaking about being an atheist who is against abortion. I'm glad you did. ;)
Thanks for sharing! I will have to suck it up and endure Chris Mooney, I suppose, if I want to hear this.
Not if I could endure Mooney for very long. The man irritates me.
We are of one mind.
Safe. Legal. Rare.

That's been my position for years. It boggles the daylights out of anti-abortion pollsters when they ask me my opinion on abortion. As I see it, if there aren't any unwanted pregnancies then, barring medical necessity, there wouldn't be any abortions, either.


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