I've never understood the religious stance on it. The Bible doesn't say much on the issue, and that sure isn't because it hadn't been around since then. Surgical abortion is pretty new and (or were highly dangerous) but there were "moon teas" and other abortive herbs used in the very early days of humanity.
The Bible DOES mention that if you harm a pregnant woman and she looses her child, you pay a blood tax. If you harm a pregnant woman and she dies, that's considered murder. I think it's pretty evident that fetuses aren't considered humans, then.
Likewise, if all babies become angels and go right to a fluffy cloud, then aren't you sparing them the suffering of humanity and the prospect of them not being saved as an adult?
Now, I've come to the conclusion that abortion-being-murder is the same propaganda used to keep women in the kitchen. By taking away reproductive rights, women are more financially dependent on their husbands, rape can have even MORE violation and the Catholic's stance on birth control is a thinly veiled machine for female oppression.
What does everyone else think? Opinions? Ideas?

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Even though i know you were just trying to be funny and make a point about the catholic priests....That is one instance you should be telling them what to do.
every life is sacred- until it opens it's mouth and says something you don't agree with.
from that moment on it's fair game....
Exactly..fundies try to quote the Bible as reasons to why abortion is wrong, but it IS the same book that tells you if your kid is disobedient, it's ok to stone them to death. Not just ok, but MANDATORY!
I think that if someone wants an abortion, go ahead. My mom had one before me, and it tore her to pieces emotionally. I think that it should be ok when you basically 1st find out that your preggo...not after you already have the baby bump & can feel it kicking around.

I could never have an abortion, nor could I ever give my kid away. I would feel too bad. But I'm doing good enough on my own that I can support a baby.

But abortions should not be a form of birth control. You cant just go fuck anyone you want and then be like oh well I'm prego lets kill it. NO. that is wrong in my opinion. Dont be a whore.
Did you seriously just say if you think the baby's not gonna live a happy life save the kid some trouble and kill him? And adoption isn't the answer cause there's no guarantee he'll be happy? I think he'll be happy he's alive. That is a horrible thing to say, find another argument in favor of abortion cause your's stink!!
Something you're not mentioning is this--people can get pregnant when using birth control!

It's easy to make assumptions such as "if you are having unprotected sex with your boyfriend....," but there are many pregnancies which happened while someone WAS using birth control!

Without abortion as an option, you're back to "square one."

I get weary of critics just ASSUMING women are irresponsible sluts who keep having abortion after abortion, blah blah blah.

Many of us (myself included) ARE responsible and just get unlucky!
I had an abortion & it saved my life. I'm so happy I'm not a fundie anymore!
Good for YOU, Angie! I'll buy you a beer!
And you know what they say:

The only good fundies is a dead-

Wait. Wait. That's just too wrong. Even for me.

Glad you are still here, Ang!
In my opinion underage pregnant girls should be required to have parental consent before getting an abortion....My cousin had 3 abortions when she was a teenager just to avoid telling her parents she was sexually active....Abortion as a form of birth control is ridiculous. I understand there are cases of incest and rape, but these girls should go to their parents so these predators are brought to justice....If they don't have parents they can go to then they need to go to another adult they can trust.....I am all for a WOMANs right to choose but like any other surgery a minor needs parental consent.
I feel like if you are in a financially secure and safe position in life and have a full-time job and everything and you got pregnant by because you weren't careful when having consensual sex, you have a responsibility to keep it. Any other situation it's up to the person. I respect people who would never have an abortion (even if it is for religious reasons) but is pro-choice. I do not think parents should need to be informed, but I do think there needs to be some kind of record kept. Honestly, I could think of many people from my high school who would, and who have the financial means to do so, not use any type of protect and use an abortion as a way to not have to deal with the consequences. There is a point where that should not be allowed.
Ironically, in the Bible, God causes abortions. It's in the book of Numbers, chapter 5 verses 20-27


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