I've never understood the religious stance on it. The Bible doesn't say much on the issue, and that sure isn't because it hadn't been around since then. Surgical abortion is pretty new and (or were highly dangerous) but there were "moon teas" and other abortive herbs used in the very early days of humanity.
The Bible DOES mention that if you harm a pregnant woman and she looses her child, you pay a blood tax. If you harm a pregnant woman and she dies, that's considered murder. I think it's pretty evident that fetuses aren't considered humans, then.
Likewise, if all babies become angels and go right to a fluffy cloud, then aren't you sparing them the suffering of humanity and the prospect of them not being saved as an adult?
Now, I've come to the conclusion that abortion-being-murder is the same propaganda used to keep women in the kitchen. By taking away reproductive rights, women are more financially dependent on their husbands, rape can have even MORE violation and the Catholic's stance on birth control is a thinly veiled machine for female oppression.
What does everyone else think? Opinions? Ideas?

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The only reason I mention it is because a friend of mine had an abortion 3 or 4 years ago and is still very upset about it. She says it's changed her forever and she can't help looking at kids and thinking, "my little girl would be that age".

I really have no judgment of women who choose either way, only that it's their choice. I would hate to be the one having to make it (as we all would) and hope I never have to.
I had an abortion and sometimes I think that way but not in a bad way. Abortion isn't the right decision for all women but it is the right for some. I'm proud that after making a big mistake and getting pregnant, I didn't ruin my life and the life of the kid by having a child. We all wonder if we made a different decision what our lives would be like. It sounds like your friend made the wrong decision for her. She might want to think about getting some proper help to fight her depression.
I was fifteen when I got pregnant. My home was in rural Nevada that up until the year after (ironically) only taught abstinence only programs.
Being that I was fifteen and very active in school sports, I'd recently dislocated my shoulder in a hockey game.
It took over a dozen X-rays to get it back in place. I never considered the prospect of pregnancy at the time.
Two weeks later, I made a decision not to bring a person into this world that IF it survived would have more physical and mental disabilities than I myself would be willing to live with. (Funny thing about the golden rule. It works for both good and bad)
Seven years later, while on birth control, I developed a tubal pregnancy. Under Utah state law, a person must undergo two weeks of abortion awareness programs before making the decision to end a pregnancy. My doctor was part of the 'Conscientious Medical Provider" clubs that refused me information and a procedure that was to save my life. I had to drive six hundred miles to Reno to remove a non viable but fertilized egg that would have otherwise killed me. I'm pretty sure that the doctors actions were not even legal.
Now I have a five year hormone release IUD that is as accurate as female sterilization, but fully reversible.) I paid approximately $200 for it in a country where the pill is 15$ a month (for expensive stuff) or as low as 3$ a month for the cheap stuff and available over the counter.
Abortion is illegal here.
The doctors that do it illegally are quoted as saying that their main flow of customers are Muslim women who are terrified of their families finding out, and are even more scared to be caught buying birth control.
I couldn't agree with you more.. on all accounts. Thanks for posting that.
Misty, first of all I'd like to say thanks for sharing your story.

What really irks me is people who go around rara-ing about abortion being murder, when they have never ever been in a situation like yours.

I am 100% pro-choice, and believe that a woman can make up her own mind about what route she will take.

If I get pregnant now (I'm 21) I'm sure I would not want to go ahead with the pregnancy, despite being in a stable relationship - I just couldn't financially deal with it. I owe my parents a lot of money (they are paying for my extremely expensive course) and to have a child on top of that would probably not be a practical move.

Abortion should be legalized, for those women who want to be able to make that decision.

I'm also tired of hearing 'You had sex, you should deal with the consequences'...urgh, it irks me so much!
well then since you know you don't want children now, you should definately be practicing safe sex, get an IUD, or something...Cause if you are having unprotected sex and get pregnant then use abortion as a form of birth control cause you we're irresponsible that's pathetic!
I wonder why the American conservative establishment are so pro death penalty yet so anti abortion. Hippocracy in action methinks. I am personally pro choice.....your baby....your choice...end of argument. If he wants to keep the child..let him carry it.
What's there to wonder about? Criminals can't vote and rarely pay taxes. Every fetus is the potential for money!!
Well the difference is, abortion would be killing an innocent child and the death penalty would be killing a monster! Although i am Pro-choice, I don't believe in abortion for myself...but i do support the death penalty...I'm all for putting to death a monster who has been found guilty of his crimes, but not an innocent child because of irresponsibility.
I don't understand the religious standpoint either. Personally, I am pro-life. I am not 100% ant-abortion, because I do believe that it should be allowed [ONLY] in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother's life is in danger. I believe a woman has her choice, when she chooses to have sex. The only difference is, I do not judge others who feel differently than I do, and I do not try to push my beliefs onto others. I have friends who have had abortions, and I love them just as much as I did before they did it.
Considering the roll of women in much of history is that of chattel belonging to men with the purpose of keeping his "line" intact, I would agree. In addition, in order to keep a following of a particular religion, you need to either covert people or birth people into said religion. Since men cannot birth, that falls on the women. Therefore, it could be construed as a crime against that religion to "kill" potential followers.
I strongly believe that these religious idiots should leave women alone on this topic already. It's been done to death, and frankly I'm tired of hearing about it. Women have a right to do with their body as they please, period. I don't tell a Catholic priest to lay off the the alter-boys, so don't tell me what to do in my private life. Besides, in the early days the covenent was a whore house for the priests, who got nuns pregnant all the time, and to hide it the babies were killed and buried in the church graveyards. At least an abortion, considering what science has gleened about anatomy hence, would have been more merciful.


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