The over-pampered cynical old fraud is over here preaching to children for Satan's sake! I mean, forget turning on the tv, radio or reading a newspaper .... LET ME KNOW WHEN IT'S ALL OVER!!!!!!


OK, good King Enery turned out to be a murderous tyrant and his daughter Liz ... well burning catholics ... it doesn't get much worse ... BUT ... we did get rid of this particular form of hocus-pocus conman celebrity worship ... (we even saw through Tony Blair, although it took a bloody war ... )


So what is this particular gold bedecked incarnation of infallibility got to say for himself - something about 'take care little kiddies - lest you get taken in by despicable nazi organisations or abusive priests'?


Actually no ;)


What he actually DID say to a bussed-in crowd of catholic schoolchildren arhhhhhggghhhhh .....was something along the lines of 'don't strive after celebrity or riches' I kid you not!!!!!


To translate (his English could be better), I think what he's suggesting is: 'if you to be famous and idolised, wear custom-made Prada shoes ... hand embroidered Prada shoes and hold a bloody big gold cross ... oh, and the food's not bad either ... then you'd better pray .......Pie in the sky for you, mate ... I can't help it if I was lucky' (or something like that)


Fortunately Dear Husband is of the same mind as my good self ... the Daily Telegraph front page has been defaced (some may say improved) ...  the old bloke with nazi insignia has a 3-pronged trident in his hand and seems to have sprouted horns and a little goatee, whilst the besuited muscle man handing over a poor toddler ('lunch' according to DH) has been labelled 'waiter'.  There are a mass of followers crowding the 'popemobile' (arrows indicating these persons labelled 'lemmings' btw - one person actually laughing for no good reason has been labelled 'idiot' whereas another, perhaps unfairly, is labelled 'moron'.)  Sadly I cannot scan this picture so cannot give the full impression to you ....




PRAY FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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ps sorry for repeating shoes, I think I meant hand embroidered cassock - hope it didn't spoil your reading ... :D
Anyway talking of the Popefulness' red Prada slippers, I heard a funny lesbian gag on this (prolly pretty old by now) ...

'Every time I see the pope going on how women and men should act and dress according to biblical teachings I can't concentrate for thinking, 'that's a nice dress .. and those red shoes! He's not just a 'Friend of Dorothy' - he thinks he IS Dorothy!!!!'


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