Ok, so I have a friend on Facebook - a guy who I don't really hang out with - but we were High school friends - 5 years ago - well anyway , I post random comments on my FB wall a lot.


I have like 2 people on my friends list that like my statuses - but I get some theist comments as well ... here's one of them - its kind of a rant about woowoo science and extremely vague / hidden / invisible / non-evidenced based stuff that he uses to talk about 'God'


How do you all reply to this crap?  To the commenter, it sounds 'intelligent' I'm sure - but to me, it makes NO SENSE AT ALL.  So here is my comment:


"I believe if there IS an existing God - She would send Atheists to Heaven and Believers to Hell - as test of our cognitive capacities to disillusion ourselves of an imaginary friend that watches you sleep and who created the entire Universe so some 2000 year old criminal could sacrifice himself and forgive you of your sins that he gave you 6000 years ago because a talking snake made a woman eat a fruit."


(I actually DO believe this 100% - the only possible way for me for a God to exist is summed up in my post above.)


Then comes the reply.  (It's kind of long.)


"God isn't a person who watches me sleep. God doesn't have a body or eyes. God doesn't have a sex (neither male or female). To me, God is the invisible and infinite energy that holds this universe together, makes things move, and keeps the time continuum moving. God is the energy that was behind the big band. God is the intelligence of everything.

Christians, athiests, and all other people have a narrow view of what the concept of God really is. God isn't some dude sitting in a chair directing things and making things happen from a high point like "heaven", God is the infinite energy that makes all things in move and exist. We're ignorant of what divine intelligence really is, only because science has such a narrow view of intelligence as science has limits and the only intelligence we really know is human intelligence which we've limited to the human brain and body... and in our case we have no intelligence without energy; energy is what causes intelligence to come into existence. You can't measure the tremendous amount of energy that is needed to cause the time continuum to keep moving or a rock to remain a rock or to make human intelligence exist from nothing.

God is around us, it's just that we can't see God only because we don't know what God looks like nor can we "measure God". Science and God are separate, for eternity. Maybe the garden of eden doesn't exist, maybe buddah is a bunch of BS, maybe allah is a fraud... all I know is that ALL people psychologically NEED to surrender their ego's to something that makes them feel good, gives them identity, a sense of personal significance, provides a sense of security, and gives them a sense of purpose. Just like Christianity, athiesm gives athiests a sense of identity, feeling of significance, and gives them good feelings and more. As an athiest, one can come up with the most logical argument that God does NOT exist, but just realize that science, religion, AND athiesm are ALL the abstraction of God-- meaning that they all are the attempt of the analysis of God either saying that God does or does not exist using science to prove either way... but God surpasses science because God is immeasurable and science is only limited to what it can measure AND SEE... and you can NOT measure the energy that causes time to move forward or causes ALL of reality to exist. Science acknowledges one thing: energy creates everything and causes everything. You can't SEE that )divine) energy that causes everything in existence in it's entirety. 

Who cares right now about what religion has to say or that heaven and hell exist, just open your eyes and realize that there is a force in reality that is what keeps everything in order, keeps the time continuum moving, and manifests itself as EVERYTHING... this force is INFINITE energy, and infinite intelligence.

Someone could say that god (who is infinite) doesn't exist and at the same time acknowledge that infinity exists in reality, and the strange thing is that they're really contradicting themselves according to the rules of logic... they know that God exists, but haven't come to that resolve because they haven't let themselves let go of the NEED to surrender their ego to something (athiesm) that provides fulfillment to their psychological needs... this is why religion is important and athiesm equally important."
There is of course more to the conversation, as I already pointed out many flaws in his argument - but of course he just replies with more vagueness / abstraction / incoherent statements while at the same throwing in words like 'Science' , and 'logic' , etc to make it sound sophisticated.
Anyone who read this, and replies, thanks a lot!  I get this more often than theists that claim the bible is inerrant (which I respect more for some reason only because they actually seem to have a real stance.)



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Your FB friend, I think, does not believe in the traditional Islamo-Judeo-Christian concept of "god" and I agree with you and other commenters here that it his is a new agey-wooey-deepakchopraey kind of "god."  Generally, I find these kinds of believers to be harmless.  Despite all the woo-woo trappings people like this FB guy are closer in their views of god to the views of deists and, as such, believe in a somewhat meaningless/inconsequential "god."  I say that because, okay, what is the dogma that goes along with belief in such a god, what are the rules by which someone who believes in this god must live - I'd be hardpressed to think of what the scriptures based on belief in such an abstract god would have to say to humans.  Anyway, that is why I think these kinds of believers, while annoying, are basically harmless - they don't seem to have anything more than this woo-woo belief in an abstract god and, therefore, don't really cause anyone any harm.  Unlike too many who believe in the Islamo-Judeo-Christian god - those folks are far from harmless because their dogma, their scriptures can be used to justify all sorts of bad deeds against their fellow humans.

Want to make a correction to my above comment:  obviously, some woo-woo beliefs can be very, very harmful/dangerous even if they are not attached to a traditional Islamo-Judeo-Christian concept of god.  It just seems to me that your FB friend's views might be simply abstract and not really inform the daily, weekly, monthly, etc choices he makes in his life.

I believe these sort of believers who use the word ' God ' so abstractly give power to the theists that actually believe in a Theistic God.  It allows them a loophole of sorts.  As in:


"Yes , my God is infinite, and invisible, and can't be measured by science , blah blah blah .. but he still thinks Homosexuality is sinful!"



Really people, I don't get what's the point in arguing with that kind of people... is like yelling at deaf people. Is as useful as praying for atheists to become catholics. I guess the only way we could make a difference is if people are willing to hear reasons, to make our schools teach science, to educate instead of preaching.

Wow.  You actually took time to answer all the points.  LOL.


I didn't really feel like doing so myself, and just kind of brushed through stuff.  But I will direct him to this link.  But I think you may have been slightly on the offense with the name calling up top :P




Yeah buddy, I finally cornered him into specifying a bit more the attributes of his God ... he finally cracked - and showed his true colors - he listed the following 'attributes' of his God - other than the woo woo 'infinte' , and 'energy', he lists a 'few' more:


1. TRANSCENDENT (exists outside of this universe BUT has left clues or fingerprints of existence such as our ability to even comprehend the possibility of God's existence)
7. JUST (justice)
10. GOODNESS (force of good as opposed to evil)
11. LOVE
13. BEING AND NON-BEING (existing in and out of reality)
15. HOPE


He also says there are 'WAYYYY' more , but he'll 'leave it at that' ... as if he's being generous to not make me have to debunk every fucking one of them .. LOL


I tore him to shreds in my final and last post - but it's wayyy too long to post here.  Just believe It.  He's done.  But we also know it won't change anything at all.  He's seriously lost in his new age crap.

if there is a god, then impossible things will happen.


The standard constants of the Universe, immense energies, space-time continuum, etc.—are just a proof that there isn't a god out there. It's just what it is.


For there to be a god, something that absolutely cannot happen, should happen.  A fair stance, because god can do ANYTHING, right?

Yeah, I directly made an argument that his "God" is the same thing as "Gravity" - it's an energy that keeps things moving - part of the space time continuum (what that is I have NO idea.)


He dismissed it and called it a 'red herring' ... lmao.

Sorry, I fell asleep half way thru his woo thesis.

I am amazed at the amount of personal knowledge this individual has about this god.  It's really pretty astounding.  I would want to know how they know all of this as though it is fact?  Do they have some sources?

I'm sooooo tired of Christians claiming that there are supernatural things that we can't see no matter what we do. It's not true. So desperate a stretch, they use these theories thinking they're gaining ground by supposedly "broadening their minds" when in fact this is them scraping the bottom of the barrel. End of story.


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