Hey you fucking NIGGER!! Not sure how your site came up on my stumble button but this site if fucking trash your fucking face is trash. You Sir are one ugly mother fucker. Fuck really? Is this site for real? What do you have if you do not have god? you have nothing! There is so many fucking dumb things on your site that do not even make sense. I am not going to debate your fucking douche bag self. Look at you! A white fucking nigger! Your kind is truely dispicable! What a fucking joke! I am going to let you on a secerete... there is a heaven and you are not welcome. In fact niggers are not welcomed.

Have a great day fucktardo

Oh and you smell that? Smells like you burning in hell :)

Gotta love the smile face at the end... I am going out on a limb and say that a mormon wrote this. (Funny how FF wants to CAP "Mormon")

Oh and watch the 1st 30 secs or so of this video. Mainly the "SIR" part haha

Video Games:How To Upgrade Your Webslang To Web 2.0

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I would have recommended cyanide.
Yeah, i caught that too.
He means "shit," referring to the fact that he is spouting it from his keyboard.
-- I am going out on a limb and say that a mormon wrote this.

AHahahahahahah As a former mormon, that made me laugh.
Just stumbled this site, Really Cool, Espesially the hate mail sections.
Its kind of funny and ironic to see the level to witch christians would degrade themselves when their Creationist, Fear Of Hell, Jesus loves you...blah blah blah tactics doesn`t seem to work.

As for the guy from the comment, hes also probibly gonna get chaught in a hotel room buying crack from a male hooker, tax fraud, molesting children...etc.

Peace Out!
See, when I don't like something I've stumbled, I, um... hit the stumble button again. Maybe hit the thumbs-down button if I really don't like the page, but still, I sort of don't pay any attention to stuff I hate. E.g., I can't stand football, so do I bitch and moan about it? No, I just don't watch it!
So glad I can't get into heaven. I was worried there for a second. Loser.
Level headed theists are always refreshing change of pace...bravo. :)
I am dying reading these. I didn't know Christians so freely through around the word "Fuck". I am especially enjoying the creativity with using Fuck as all parts of speech!
Wait, we are niggers or just Morgan? Damn, I'm going to worry about this all night.

This guy is my new hero.
I shall be stealing this 'fucktardo' phrase and using it liberally.

Pretty much ignored the rest of the email though. Seemed like rambling crazy so I just skimmed.


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