Most of us hear this question repeatedly, my response was always, our brain is used to patterns, but even if you answered this question with god, we only push the question a step back then who created god?

However, this answer is not satisfying to many theists, so in case you get this question allot, and wonder about it yourself; I would recommend you, watch this ta
lk by

Lawrence Krauss, ,
you might have already :)

Gives us something to think about, and we can understand it a bit better, I find this argument the hardest to deal with, how anything could just be there? without a beginning.

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I haven't watched the Lawrence Krauss vid yet, but as soon as my bandwidth for the month is renewed I'll do so asap.
My opinion (till then) of the difference between the "God" answer versus "The Big Bang" answer is always relatively straight forward. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the cause of the Big Bang, the origins of matter etc, alongside some decent data resulting from such things as radiometric dating.
The difference between the religious answer that God created everything and that nothing made him because he has always been and exists beyond our time and reality, and the scientific answer, is that sometimes we have to be comfortable with simply Not Knowing. There are many things we do not know about the universe, things that even Wikipedia can't answer yet. But until such a time as these secrets are revealed to us through empirical research we are comfortable with our minuscule place in the world without the egocentric view that the entire universe was created for us with the same answer to all questions. We know that there are things the human race might never know, and we also know that we will witness many extraordinary inventions and discoveries still in our time. Until then, We Just Don't Know is not a cop-out. It is an honest answer expressing security in our trust of scientific pursuits without the panic of not knowing everything.


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