Ok, here is a question I would like to ask theists, and I would like to see what we think the answer would be.  I don't get the chance to ask it of actual flesh and blood theists as I live in the UK, and even if I knew any, it could seem rude.


This may have been discussed before but I am new here.


I would like to ask devoutly theistic people, and collect answers to, the following question:


(tailored to the religion/location of the respondent)

If you were born in Iraq (USA) to Mulsim (Christian) parents, do you believe you would still have grown up Christian (Mulsim)?


I think the answers would be intersting as it is plainly obvious to ANY observer, that a person's religion is first and foremost and almost exclusively decided by the religion of their birth community.  And yet (many) theists maintain that they KNOW that their religion is the correct one.  So in answering the question they face a dichotomy.  Either they are realistic and say they would have grown up a different religion (and in the process demolish any claims they may make that their religion is obviously true), or they deny the bleeding obvious and show that they pay absolutely no attention to actual facts or evidence.


What do we think the more common answer would be?  Admit they would be the other religion, or claim they would still be the same?



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I think they would attempt to claim both. That they would be raised in the local religion, but then somewhere down the line convert to the other "true" religion.

I considered that but it is really a subset of the 'would still be a xxx even if born elsewhere' since it also flies full in the face of all available evidence.

Thanks for the reply,


It doesn't matter what social religion your family was a part of -- it's your connection to the Divine that's important. Just because different languages and religions have different words for the same things doesn't mean they're describing different things.


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