There is a lot to be addressed in this video. Firstly, I do not believe SE Cupp is an Atheist. I found this quote from the New York Daily News: "I like to think I adhere to the same Judeo-Christian values that most
of religious America does. It's an understanding of and a respect for
these values that keeps me moral." In and of itself this is not proof of belief, but it shows her lack of understanding of Christianity. Christianity makes sure to do it's "damnedest" to malign any "moral" place in a modern world. A complete understanding of this true side of Christianity is what drives someone away from Christianity in the first place. Either way, if she is an atheist, she is undermining any momentum the movement is gaining.

The assertions she makes are ridiculous and unfounded. Admittedly, there are a couple of truths, though, peppered into a barrage of manipulative opinions.The "liberal" media , as she likes to call it, merely gives a voice to the unbeliever. And even with that, I have seen many of the hosts berate
Hitchens or Dawkins on any given subject.

I would love to hear...rather, read...what everyone has to say.

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It doesn't look like I can embed a video. So, here is the link. Well, up there is the link.
doone, what's changed on the embed? It seems that I'm not the only one with that difficulty these days.
Fox seems to have a number of corporate shills. Let's take Megyn Kelly. She used to come on to take on O'Reilly and kick his ass. Here and here. Now she tows the Fox line and gets beat up for it here.

What I found interesting in SE Cupps assertions is that "It's bad business to alienate 80% of your market." (paraphrasing). Ms. Cupps, have you considered that maybe most of that 80% is Christian in name only? And that most of those who really are adherents are on Fox or in the Church anyways?
Exactly! If we want to throw around numbers. Atheist, Secularists, Humanists etc make up 16% of the population. That is more than the African American population. I believe we can be considered one of the largest minority groups in the country. That said, even if everything she says is true, her true point is that we have a voice. Which, we of course know, is not the case. Not on a grand scale anyway. The Atheist movement is not a political movement. It is a movement dedicated to the idea that truth and reasoning deduction are the only source from which one should base their opinions. If religion were magically wiped away from the earth, the atheist would no longer exist and we would find something else to argue about. But at least, hopefully, that topic would be coming from a place truth and not conjecture, assertion, guessing and faith.

On a mildly side note, I have always found it interesting, scary and note-worthy that FOX refers to ALL other media outlets as the liberal media. I know more than my share of FOX followers, since I live in Texas. And when you ask them which media outlets are affiliated with the left they say: MSNBC, CNN, ABC NEWS, NBC NEWS, CBS, and even the local FOX affiliates. This completely exemplifies the mind set they have. That everyone is out to get them, even though they are the majority. They also find nothing wrong with finding truth from one source. This, obviously, is mirrored in their opinion of the Bible. I refuse to commit to one media outlet. Truth is found when you see all sides. It's kind of like letting the different sources peer review a news story for you. You find the most consistent thread in all the stories. Not the one that rings true or feels better. FOX goes out of its way to propagate this conspiracy theory that they are the sole source of information and the outside world is spewing hateful lies! And it's more than just selling their brand. Fear and isolationism is the bedrock for their religious and political beliefs. Without fear and faith the flood waters of truth wash away the house built on sand.
I'm hoping to have pulled an uncle away from Fox News a bit. He sent me that pic of Obama Carrying the book A Post American World by Zakaria. I sent him a few Newsweek articles by Zakaria and bent his ear a bit on giving the guy a shot. He liked the articles at least. I'm hoping that he'll see how crazy Fox is if he sees the middle for a bit.

If we get you talking enough Caleb, I might not have to be embarrassed as the longest respondent on TA! :D Nicely done sir. Let's hear more of that voice.
I keep meaning to move this soap box out from under my coffee table. HA!
Wow... this is horribly painful to watch, and Jeez... again with the cute chicks in glasses on FOX news. All the women on this network are young and attractive, and it makes me a bit suspicious.

She's definitely an enigma to me. Hannity seems just as dumbfounded as I am. How can she be atheist when she's so hotly defending the Christian agenda? Is it because her father is a minister? I don't even know how to respond because it's so confusing... and I'm so distracted by her lip gloss.
I'm highly suspicious of how readily she labels herself as the "perfect candidate" to discuss religion in the media because of the automatic objectivity granted upon her by atheism. Right, because not believing in God equals instant objectivity; that makes total sense! To me, it seems blatantly obvious that she is only using the clever hook of hey-i'm-an-atheist-who-defends-Christianity to forge some sort of ideological heroine status and sell more books.

I also think that it's pretty obvious that she's setting the stage for her future conversion; she mentions at least three times in the clip how she's "open to conversion." Again, I think that she's only doing this to create some sort of identity, although this time it would be more the lost, tragic heroine who desperately needs to be "saved." It also sets her up to sell books in the future detailing how she found God when she inevitably reveals that she has seen the error of her foolish atheistic ways.

In the end, I don't think that she believes or disbelieves in God any more or less than any other political figure; all of them use Christianity as a tool to manipulate and gain power. Cupp has just figured out that she can use Christianity more to her benefit if she assumes an atheistic identity.
It seems very convoluted but very possible. I would definitely suspect what you suspect: this is a set up!!!

Just like Anthony Flew's book, There is a God. One of my friend's bought the book for me and I tried to do a review of it in Read Atheist, but I got bored really quickly. He made zero new arguments, and the arguments he did make were sooo weak. Apparently, Flew has been a prominent atheist and has written many books on the topic, not the mention the fact that he talks about DNA in depth... where he suddenly decides it's "too complex to have arisen from chance" in There is a God.

Come to find out, he passed away recently after suffering from dementia for over a year. Also, most of the book was not even written by him, but by a Christian who obviously had an agenda. I think it's so disgusting the way Christians clamor for the dying confession of an atheist, or wait for an atheist (like this girl) to convert so they can yell "SEE!!! Even an atheist can be converted!"
Wow, that's even more disgusting to think that Christians actually used a dying man's possible dementia to promote their agenda. That is just unconscionable. Right, and atheists are the immoral ones. Oo
Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
– Seneca the Younger

This woman knows exactly what it is she's doing. If she were slightly more intelligent, it would be impossible to tell she's lying to her audience. Then again, if she were slightly more intelligent, she'd be an atheist, and wouldn't be selling us this line of shit on Fox News...
A beating for SE Cupp. She hangs up out of frustration when faced with real questions about her points. Awww... Sean Hannity isn't here to wub youw lil' belly? This isn't pro wrestling lady. Your fake assertions have a much greater impact than you know. If life is about making a buck as opposed to laying the facts out and letting them speak for themselves and letting truth be heard, then you are an immoral shill for Murdock and Zuckerman.


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