I am curious what you all think about a city that is only only for science. No religious institutions are allowed to be built in the city. Science and free thinkers only.


The best example I could give would be a island similar to the show "LOST" Or perhaps even the video game Bio Shock (with out the crazy stuff) Yes I have a 360! Or hell, even SeaLab 2021 they implode in every episode!


Would a city of this stature ultimately implode just like Lost and Bio Shock/SeaLab 2021? Yes I know those shows are sci-fi. But really!


I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts oh this science/atheist city!


The coolest part for me about a city like this is that there would be a true community. Where everyone you meet is atheist! How cool would that be!?

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This is quite eerie lol, i was discussing this a few days ago with a friend on msn.

No stupid laws banning research into cloning and stemcel research.

How about something like that tv series eureka ? :)

The town could have free schools offering every study you would like (we could ask bill gates to sponsor this, he's an atheist can afford it hehe )

and no secrets in research, you could for example invent something and ask the community to help improve it.


Just a few things i could think off at the moment.

Wouldn't "Star City" Звёздный городо́к, Zvyozdny gorodok in the good ole USSR qualify?
I started to think about that there must already be an atheistic city in Russia somewhere and there you go :D

I actually wanted to write a story about that idea.

I started with a continent that rose in the middle of Pacific and it was discovered by a scientist that claimed it in the name of atheist so they all gather there and build a city.

After many years we see a life of a man that grew up in the city and became agnostic because he started to believe in god because of some strange logic and no one could prove him wrong. So they sent him into the forbidden library where he started to learn about religion and still he believed there must be a god, so they sent him into the world where religion still rules the lands to show him the true face of religion, but he was not interasted ni religion, only in god. So he tries to find other spiritual agnostic like himself but all he could find were strange hippies on drugs that told him about chakras, chi and bioenergy which was again something he didn't believe in. and so f*ucking on.

The moral of the story is: what to do with people that became agnostic or religious inside atheistic exclusive society, because I think this would happen at some point in time, it's natural for people to make up logical errors

The moral of your story makes no sense. Your story may be interesting if written well, but what's the point of that moral? What problem would you have with a person that wants to believe in a god, but doesn't care for any religion? Aren't we against all the bad religion has done and still does? If a person that has researched and lived amongst religious people and atheists, still wants to believe in a god, fine. Why should that interest me at all if I don't even know that person? And I'm sure there are even now some people like that. I don't really care. I care if there still are people that are doing bad things in the name of their god and/or religion. That's all. If those people wouldn't exist, I wouldn't even think about religion unless mentioned by someone else.

As usual you are overthinking it.

The point of this topic is an all atheistic community, and my antiquestion is what if in this all-atheistic world a person becomes agnostic and stubborn? So we don't have all-atheistic community any more, and we can't change this non-all-atheistic community into all-atheistic community... now I'm overthinkining it.

You seem to know me so well...


Anyway... I don't know why you couldn't just answer my question. Why did you have to take it so personal? I'm not criticising you, I just find the whole moral that seems to be the point of the whole story irrelevant. I'm not sorry, because that's how I feel, and I wanted to know why you think it would be interesting to write about. That was all. Anyway, I don't want to derail this topic too, so I wish you won't reply to my message. Cheers!

If an atheists-only city accepts theists too, then it's not an atheists-only city, is it? So the problem would be if you really had an atheists-only city which would have to reject theists if it were to preserve its status.

Well that was the point of the story, it seems I'm not a very good writer, at least in english, because the point didn't come across well...

So, to sum it up, the story is about atheist exclusive society which has a problem with first ever born hardheaded agnostic that can't except the fact that god doesn't exist but doesn't become a part of any religion after reading about them, and religion is the thing atheist tried to exclude from their society. So what to do with him? - I called this question a moral, but It's actually a question, apparently...

So the question is actually where do atheist who want to build such a city stand on agnosticism?

Well, I've always thought of isolating myself from humanity while everyone else kills each other over whose god can beat up whoever else's god, then emerge triumphantly once the dust has settled. Why not find some company, eh? As George Carlin put it, "I don't care if the world burns. I want to watch the world burn. I just don't want to burn with it."

I think the idea that ANYONE remotely intelligent can be admitted, however, religious worship is only allowed in private, and cannot be introduced to others forcefully. That way everything's relatively secular and no one's proselytizing anyone else.


Also, if the BioShock scenario ever occurs... well, who's got a decent swing with a wrench?

Not sure if it's already been said, but there was one guy - or there is - with a similar idea, he called it 'Zeitgeist Movement'. It was exactly that, one world led by science, no religion, no money, and so on. 


As far as I know, he came out with his idea - which wasn't all that bad - on some movies, but along with that, to try to gain some public's attention, he put some conspiracy theories in those movies, which made him loose  some respect and the entire focus of the movie.

You are talking about Venus Project ;)


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