I am curious what you all think about a city that is only only for science. No religious institutions are allowed to be built in the city. Science and free thinkers only.


The best example I could give would be a island similar to the show "LOST" Or perhaps even the video game Bio Shock (with out the crazy stuff) Yes I have a 360! Or hell, even SeaLab 2021 they implode in every episode!


Would a city of this stature ultimately implode just like Lost and Bio Shock/SeaLab 2021? Yes I know those shows are sci-fi. But really!


I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts oh this science/atheist city!


The coolest part for me about a city like this is that there would be a true community. Where everyone you meet is atheist! How cool would that be!?

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Yes, that's the name of it! 


I think we go back to the idea people proposed after the 2000 or 2004 election. That we split North America into two countries. Yes, there would still be theists among us, but the politics would be soooo different. The country is so divided politically. Let's give the conservatives and religious nuts their country and we'll have ours. Sorry southern atheists, but you're welcome in our new country.


Sign me up, but I claim the title of Village Idiot.
I was thinking about this myself. I think it would be a great success. You just need to find a plot of land big enough for the design and (conceivably) buy it from the government, or maybe Native Americans (hopefully we can set history right this time).
and if we do this, as in I am going to leave the greatest city in the world for this, can we please make sure it's somewhere warm? like maybe South America. That'll make Monica happy. =)
I just think its cool you've got a xbox! = )
We would need some nihilists to take out the garbage and cook the food. They don't have anything important to do anyway.
Let me know when you've built the "Atheist city" .  I'd love to live there!  As long as I can get my meds.  I'm 62. LOL....
Very good post. I’m basically agreeing with Radu on his points.
In the future, most cities will be like that.
Do not you think it could be like a music with only one note?
Nope, not at all. 


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