The last time I was on here it was very brief and about a year ago. my computer crashed I lost all my bookmarks and I couldn't remember the name of the website until recently :/

Honestly since then I have sorta been through these spells of should I go with this Christianity or this way Atheism. And honestly the time and energy to focus and think about such things is just plain wasteful. So you can imagine which I way I have decided to go since I'm back.


Anyways Im 19, Sophomore in College, clueless on major, working class, play guitar and that's really about it.



I really enjoy the intelligent conversations witnessed on this website, and the community as whole is great!


On a side note my deconversion from Christianity was not a quick one, and in all honesty was a process that took a year or two. It began when I graduated high school I noticed how surprisingly little interest my church took in me. I could only guess as to why but its probably because they had the "you have Jesus so go out and spread the word" attitude. Pretty much how mission trips are laid out.  So I began to pray and ask God for me to do SOMETHING, anything.  In the end my conclusion was that God hasn't answered because he can't possible have any work for me and the bible says those who called upon the lord to service to him will get their chance. Well I waited a good long while and nothing happened. So it's pretty obvious that God does not exist since he is not even capable of answering a call to do his busy work basically. I had some friends who told me that I was copping out and God would answer when he thought I was ready.  Which in all honesty that is a cop out answer.

I can;t help but feel that many people who claim to be called to God are simply delusional or are just desperate to prove that he exists through evangelical work that's success rate is questionable to begin with

another thing that I pondered on is how as child I was abused by my step mom yet we attended Church regularly on Sundays. How could a loving God let such a thing happen? Especially considering these are unacceptably common situations.


I have a friend who is in the same exact situation as I am, desperate to do something for God, but I really pity him because he has been more rooted into the religion than I have (I never really found about Jesus and the like until high school, never paid attention on those Sunday mornings :), therefore talking to him about choosing a different path would be futile..


Feel free to ask any questions, and excuse bad sentence structure and the like, its 2:10 A.M. and I took my contacts out hours ago. Glad to be back!

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It's really good that you finally remembered the name. I never believed in god. Went to Sunday school, but even then I thought it was a crock. Maybe I was too analytical. I like the people here and like to pop in when I see something posted on Twitter. Be sure to follow the site on Twitter.


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