Question for the atheists...
Is it really true that you think we are just food for the worms?
SO is it ok for you, that when you die, your body will be thrown into a dump site?
Anyway, it don't possess a soul. We don't have to live for 'something', so our life ends at death, and we are 'nothing' after death. A picture would be enough as 'memory'.
Just curious.
Thank you. ;-).

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Hi, jam. Why not start a new discussion by explaining the scientific nature of your faith? I'm sure many of us would be interested in what you mean by this and happy to discuss the issues.
Live for the moment. When that moment passes, like when life ends, it's gone.

I would like for my body to be donated to science. But truthfully, I don't care what happens to my remains, because...well, I'll be dead.
"Ha la looo la" Dan.
I certainly wouldn't want to simply be thrown in a dump site, not because I think there is a soul but because that would be terribly unsanitary. You can't just leave corpses lying around willy-nilly. Remember the Black Plague?
Good point, Aric!
The Black Plague was God's vengeance on a sinful Europe. Nothing to do with corpses...or rats....or fleas. Too many people were touching themselves and that pissed God off.
That's why we all need to follow the mormon teaching to tie our arms to our bedposts at night. Do it for the children.
For all you folks who think that Jam came here to actually 'listen' or learn anything, I believe you are sorely mistaken! She just came to give all of us 'heathens' a slap in the face. She was trying to tell us that since we don't believe we have souls that will continue on in some blissful afterlife, that we deserve to be thrown into a dump site. She also obviously assumes that because we're atheists, we don't have anything to live for, and that we don't deserve any kind of memorial for our funeral--a picture of us would suffice for that.

May I suggest we stop replying to her insulting rant?
Most of the attempts at proselytizing & conversion here end up being talks amongst us atheists. Doesn't bother me that they don't stick around to answer, we have great conversation without 'em!
Moreover, I think that Greta Christina has a good point when she talks about why religious people visit atheist blogs/sites, and....

Some of them, no doubt, are just here to preach and rant, then go and feel good about how they 'gave those atheists what for'. Some, however, might be curious. They might be honestly wondering what are arguments and thoughts are, whether it is from some internal doubt or jsut from wanting to be able to argue against us more effectively.

A great many atheists have become so due to exposing themselves to atheist arguments with a goal of learning how to refute them for apologetic purposes, only to find that their religious beliefs could not withstand the scrutiny of reason. Matt Dillahunty of Austin's The Atheist Experience is one such.

So, I try to answer questions fairly politely in the hopes that maybe it will help them start to consider their religion with the skepticism it deserves. Only after a poster shows via repeated posts that they have no intention of doing anything but rant will I stop bothering to respond.
I'm with Dave G on this one.
I'm always with Dave G. He makes a lot of sense.


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