Question for the atheists...
Is it really true that you think we are just food for the worms?
SO is it ok for you, that when you die, your body will be thrown into a dump site?
Anyway, it don't possess a soul. We don't have to live for 'something', so our life ends at death, and we are 'nothing' after death. A picture would be enough as 'memory'.
Just curious.
Thank you. ;-).

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Storytelling is one of humanity's strongest traits. :)
Our religion doesn't shout for 'suffering' for the sake of after life... It would not be right to generalize that all religions are based on 'ancient societies' dealing with unscientific truth...
Yeah, the rapture ready crowd really highlights why some people describe Christianity as a death cult. They're not only desiring death for themselves, but for humanity as a whole.
Like a stereotypical evil villain, no less. Strange that they never make that connection. It is so....obvious.
It's probably tied into their eternal afterlife belief. After all, they aren't really advocating the destruction of humanity, they're just moving them from one state (alive) to another (post-alive).

It's like they are mad scientists, without the science.
Hehe. Sad, but true.
with the modern life, certain scientists and scholars are studying the science behind the holy books.
Being ancient books, it can be expected that these books are fiction and superstitious. However, there were findings and evidences concluding various statements in the holy book to be scientific such as explaining how life started, how it rains, and how a baby is formed... hmmm...
Not all theists don't use their brains... Although i admit, that many are not.
However, there were findings and evidences concluding various statements in the holy book to be scientific such as explaining how life started

Really? I don't recall ever seeing anything about abiogenesis or chemistry in any holy books that I am aware of. Perhaps you could elaborate on this?
Definitely going to do the will thing (in fact, literally JUST told my husband we need to do this). It really isn't a big deal to me what my parents want to do with my remains. Like I said, if it brings THEM comfort, I find no offense in them giving my remains some official ceremony. After all, I'm dead... what do I care?

And they're well aware of my atheistic tendencies... had many a debate with my father about it.
Am I wrong in thinking that a will is read weeks after someone dies? If that is so, maybe putting your wishes about how your remains are handled should be in some other document which would be available immediately after your death. I don't know what that document would be but I'm betting someone on this site would know. Please, anyone out there knowledgeable on this subject? There seems to be many of us who wish our remains to be used for the benefit of others.
Yet another Muslim troll.
Comes in, spouts something they think to be thought provoking, and then doesn't have the balls to post back when it's obvious that such a question has been considered in great depth by those of us without faith.
Pretty typical behavior from what I've seen.
Oh well.
And for the record, I'm a full organ and tissue donor. Full body to medicine in the hopes it might do somebody some good.
Sorta funny to me that it's the religious folks that are more concerned with what their god can put back together than they are with saving another human life.
Is your deity so weak that it can't resurrect you if your loved ones don't follow specific burial instructions?

"Oh crap! This guy is missing a liver. Now what do I do? ..oh.. it's no use. Without that liver, I just can't let him into heaven!"
oh no. I know that atheist people are 'thinking' people for having the guts to go against the odds... i know that you are philosophers and thinkers... i was just really curious how you deal with the dead. that's all. ;-).


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