Question for the atheists...
Is it really true that you think we are just food for the worms?
SO is it ok for you, that when you die, your body will be thrown into a dump site?
Anyway, it don't possess a soul. We don't have to live for 'something', so our life ends at death, and we are 'nothing' after death. A picture would be enough as 'memory'.
Just curious.
Thank you. ;-).

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Why a landfill? Why not a Tibeten Sky Burial?
There must be 50 ways to leave your lover.
I'd prefer my loved ones didn't dwell and dote over my corpse. That is just too morbid.

Ha... I'd never thought of it like that. It is pretty gross and disturbing that people "dote" over their dead loved one's corpses. EW!
We even have our loved ones embalmed to preserve the body for a longer doting session. Creepy.
Ha! I meant the first definition....but maybe I subconsciously meant the second, also?
Odd, but completely natural for people of empathy. Diseases like Alzheimer's are heart wrenching and I wish no one would have to experience the ravages of it or conditions similar to it through a loved one.
Most have said it, but in short: organ donor, then science donor, cremate anything left. My wife and I both have talked about where we'd like to have our ashes 'distributed' - and specified we don't want them kept around in some urn.

Immortality as most envision it is the fantasy of fantasies; real immortality is living on in the memories of your family and through the few differences you make in the world.
Hey Jam..... any thoughts on the responses so far?
hi everyone.. never got log in after a couple of months... what a number of responses... i didn't expect this. it was just a curios question, nothing so important. Thank you so much for the responses though many thought it as a useless question, thnx 4 d reply though.
hmmmm.... as theists, we respect human bodies and we bury them properly, for family's sake and in accordance with the religious traditions..
its nice to know that many atheists are trying to live a good life, i thot atheists tend to be 'evil' as they are not afraid of any God, or any eternal punishments...
Theists also try to live life as 'good' as possible, for we are also aware of its finity...
jam...I'm a very good person....I'm kind, honest, good to children and the elderly. I try to do an act of charity every chance I can. I don't need to be "afraid of any God or any eternal punishments" to be the kind of person I choose to be.

I think this makes me a REAL person, living by my own standards, rather than those imposed on me by some priest, rabbi, imam, etc.

You said "theists also try to live life as 'good' as possible." Believe me, I could spend the rest of this day writing examples of "theists" who were genuinely "EVIL."
"food for the worms" is a bit harsh to describe what I think will happen when I die. I prefer to think of the atoms in my body changing into something different.
As for what three of the people who've responded say about theists wasting their lives as a "dress rehearsal" for the afterlife, or theists viewing life as a "useless preamble to an eternity elsewhere" or theists who have a mindset that "life is worthless" and only a "mystical 'second life' is worthwhile." WHERE are y'all getting that from??

I think religion was created in an effort to make people work harder to help others and "behave." I try not to judge other people's religions, but I highly doubt that most religious people think their lives are useless, worthless or a waste of time! Some people who are in pain and are unable to help others may pine for dying and existing in some blissful eternity, but a lot of those same people also suspect that their hell will continue after they die, which is unfortunate. Suffering sucks, no matter how you look at it. For some people, the physician's creed, "Do No Harm" is as good as it gets. Although I like to judge people who harm, kill or maim others as worthy of being killed or dying, it's just not up to me to be their judge.

I, too, think it's interesting that many atheists seem to also be environmentalists and organ donors. Good for us! :)
And please, Wendy: write yourself a living will and give it to your family!! Your last wishes are just as important as those of your parents. You shouldn't have to wait until they die to let your family know what you want.

I'm getting it from actual comments that religious people have made, both to me and other people. I know perfectly well that not all, or even most, religious people consider this life to be worthless, but I've run into enough people who honestly believe that this life is just a preliminary and that any amount of suffering and misery can be excused or rationalized as long as it is for the goal of attaining the desired 'next life' that I'm fairly sure it is not just the occasional mental aberration. And the mindset still boggles me. It's not even the ones who assume that atheists, not having a deity to grant our lives meaning, must think that life is worthless, it's the ones that claim that their religion teaches that this 'flawed' life is unimportant compared to the next one.

Religion was created, as far as I can tell, as an attempt to explain what people did not understand. Our ancestors did not know that lightning was caused by ionic buildup and discharge in the atmosphere, so they invented spirits or gods or other mythical beings who were responsible. They didn't know why it would rain, so rain gods were invented, and rituals to appease these unknown beings were developed in an attempt to control when the rains would come.

Later, religions expanded, adding social and political control to their repertoire. The leaders, who supposedly could communicate with the gods/spirits/ancestors/demons, used this to solidify their control.
Well said! For religious folks, the afterlife gives meaning to suffering. They have to explain it somehow, don't they? And gosh yeah, I forgot about ancient societies trying to explain and rationalize nature and behavior, too. What imaginations they had! :)


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