Question for the atheists...
Is it really true that you think we are just food for the worms?
SO is it ok for you, that when you die, your body will be thrown into a dump site?
Anyway, it don't possess a soul. We don't have to live for 'something', so our life ends at death, and we are 'nothing' after death. A picture would be enough as 'memory'.
Just curious.
Thank you. ;-).

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Why thank you, Reggie. The sentiment is returned.
Hi. My name is Cara. I became atheist because I was trying to get closer to God.


Wait, no... WIN!
hi there, i just came back today... ;-).
you see, im a busy student currently taking a degree...
Donate it to science what's useful and cremate and allow my family to do what they need to mourn.

What religion is it that says that any dead body possesses a soul?

Who says that I don't live for something. I have a wife, a dog, myself, I protect life and property in my job daily. What is it that I should be living for? A King? That's how God's are revered, no? Why would we get rid of Kings on Earth, but not in Heaven? You have the power to live for yourself. Why do you not choose it? Is it comforting to know that when bad things happen in life it's for "His" purposes? Try realizing that life is cause and effect. It's freeing to know that there is a reason for bad things then being able to address them so it doesn't happen again. That's living a purpose driven life. You are currently doomed to living in pain because you don't seize control of your own destiny. The great irony is you look to the cause of your pain for comfort.
Okay, I take it back! Go ahead and respond to this religious person's insulting rant. :)
Good point Nelson: on the odd chance that Jam or other religious people come back to read some of the posts, they may actually learn something from our earnest, thoughtful and rational responses. Well said Michel, Wendy and Dave G. These discussions are helpful for us, too.
I have to admit, I'm not used to discussing my atheistic beliefs with anyone, since I'm not "out of the closet." The only person in my family who knows I'm an atheist is my mother. I've never tried to argue with a religious person, so I just sit there with a wan smile on my face and let them talk. (One time, a Christian woman was trying so hard to get me to believe in and follow Jesus, she went on for over 20 minutes.) How do you reason with someone who thinks that millions and millions of human beings will not only die at the same time, but burn in hell for an eternity if they don't pledge allegiance to a supposed Son Of God...??
Plus, I'm still trying to figure out what I want as far as donating my body (and brain) to science (brain would go to Harvard brain bank), and what I want to happen if I become comatose or die. I used to want to become a cryonicist, but I can't afford health insurance, let alone a life insurance policy that would allow a company to maintain my frozen head or body in liquid nitrogen for 50 or 100 years.
For the Holiday (Dec. 25), I'm bringing a living will to fill out with my family present, and I was hoping that they'd fill one out also. LOL, I don't know if I'll admit to being an atheist to my father--heck, he's in denial about dying and doesn't want to plan where or how he's buried!
Anyway, thanks for the earnest replies & keep 'em coming! :)
How to reason with the unreasonable is a good question, Joyce, one that is constantly being discusses, debated and dissected. :) Personally, I like the Socratic method (ask them why they believe what they do. Get them to proffer evidence and supporting arguments for their faith. Ask questions, pointing out flaws and fallacies, and ask them how they reconcile the logical errors. ) as well as seeing if I can get them to see a contradiction between what they profess to believe, what their religion actually says, and what we have been able to find out about the universe.
I honestly don't care what happens to my body when I die - I would like for it to be donated to science, and all my organs that are healthy given to people who need them, but honestly, if it doesn't happen, I'm dead. It's not a big deal to me, how will I know the difference?

I actually think graveyards are incredibly selfish things. They take up SO much space that could be used for something else it's completely ridiculous.
Funeral pyres make so much more sense, land-use-wise. :)
It takes so much fuel to incinerate a body completely though.....

Something like a wood chipper emptying into a lake or ocean might be good.
Soylent Green?

haha. genius.


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