So I have a serious question, and I hope I can get a decent amount of peoples' replies on this.
The town I currently live in is extremely religious in its' culture and people.
You'll see religious bumper stickers on almost every car and almost everyone here goes to church on Sundays.
There's more churches than there are grocery stores.

AND there's a nativity scene made out of metal and stone sitting in the middle of the town square. It's a permanent decoration that stays up all year round. Now I don't know if it's public property/government owned, since there's a nativity related scene on the opposite side of it, that I believe to be church property....but it looks like government property, since it's literally on the same plot of land as the City Hall is.

Now here's my question: should I demand they take it down if it is indeed on public property?
Should I try and take legal steps, since religious icons on public property ARE a violation of our first amendment?
It's not something that can be just carried away; the whole square will have to be dug up.
It looks like it's been there a long time.

Let's not forget that my town is full of extremely religious people, and I don't know how far they would take it if this turns into a big fight.
I don't want my family to be hurt or my house to be vandalized.

I'd feel like a coward if I hide and do nothing just because I'm the minority here, but their nativity scene on public property is an attack on my beliefs and an attack on our constitutional law.

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the problem with "leaving it alone" is at some point it will become a problem for a person trying to be straight with theirself. it is a civil rights issue and on that point alone it has to be addressed. oppression and the hand of religion is still oppression. i like to take the sting out of the situation with comedy if possibile,kinda like the santa thing at the manger, and yea they should of used the easter bunny as well, as SR pointed out below..



Take it down?


Why? Is it in danger of collapse or something? You need some strong arguments for your actions.

Establishment clause of the constitution (First Amendment) of the United States creates a wall of separation of church and state.

Simply put, it's illegal, except there are so many Christians in the country that they feel they can disregard that part of our Bill of Rights.

For clarification, that same clause of the First amendment would bar the government from taking down any nativity scenes on private property unless they were somehow a public hazard. (Exposed wires in the hay or something)
To me, it always comes back to this question: "Is this the hill I am willing to die on?"
ya know, i don't angry when i see this stuff. who cares? throwing a fit is acting in the way they do. it brings them peace and happiness...why take that away from them? it's a nativity scene. nothing more nothing less. is it really that deep? i could understand if they were forcing prayer in school or forcing bible study or something. i personally think it's a dick move.
Here's my rule: I do not initiate any confrontation with religious believers; I really have no interest in alleviating their stupidity.  However, when THEY initiate the conversation, like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses at my door, all bets are off and they are in for a barrage of rational argument.
Contact FFRF and American Atheists - Perhaps take some pictures while you're at it.  I wanna see the abomination : P
Honestly I'm rather suprised at the majority of responses on here. Do nothing? Really? This is something that is up all year long! I would take it to the ACLU or the FFRF as suggested by a few above me. If you and your family are safe guared by them then it should be no issue. The religious think they have the RIGHT to rule everything and they don't! they think they have the RIGHT to fudge the separation between church and state, They Don't!  I would take this on if it were me. Hope this helps :)
I couldn't agree more. I would definitely do something. There are groups like mentioned above that will help.
I just don't see why something should be done about it when it's not hurting anyone. It's just a statue, it's not hurting anyone or affecting laws, court room decisions, etc.

Presepi or the xmas decorations for the city square are usually present just a few weeks (apologies for jumping to an old thread, by the way.).


But the god stuff is always present for instance on money. I would way rather see the religious affiliations (and the secret society symbols too) be gone from the paper money. No, I don't trust in no gods, and no pluribii for me either thanks.


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