Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to prove that God doesn't exist. The following is a proof that the existence of God is a logical impossibility.

Assume for the sake of argument that God exists. It follows from the definition of God that God is omnipotent. Being omnipotent, God can do anything. In particular, he can create an immovable object, that is, an object that neither he nor anyone else can ever move. Now assuming that God creates such an immovable object, can he then move it? Either he can or he can't. If he can move it, then the object was not immovable, a contradiction. If he can't move it, then he is not omnipotent, again a contradiction. Thus the hypothesis (i.e., that God exists) leads to a contradiction, and so must be false. Therefore, God doesn’t exist. Q.E.D.
A detailed discussion of the problems associated with a belief in God can be found in the “Religion” chapter of my book Cutting the Gordian Knot: Simple Solutions to Complex Societal Problems, available at
Stanley Korn

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No, that is simply the same objection and rebuttal that HE COULD make something he can't move, and also be able to move it.

Yes, its all horseshit...but, when you give "omni" prefixes to things, there are always logical paradoxes that arise.

So, logically, we could also say that the problem is the example being a non sequitur.

So, if I made the statement "This sentence is false"

Is it true or false?

Can you say it and have it be true?

Is the problem a lack of potency, or, that the task is a non sequitur?


So, if there was such a thing as omnipotence, it would not include the power to respond to a non sequitur.

Hence, logically, the argument against god's existence, is invalid due to a logical fallacy.

I agree with the direction of the conclusion, but, not the argument to reach it.


And, the god of the old testament was not imbued with all the uber versions of all attributes.

He was flawed, more like a bumbling old jew with a vicious temper and occasional somewhat fatherly temperament.

He made mistakes, apologized (Oops, my bad, I'm sorry, Here's a rainbow...)

And so forth.

Catholic versions added the uber versions to the attributes, and even themselves.

Its the uber attributes that are low hanging fruits of they make observed "results" impossible to reconcile with an overlord posessing them.


So TJ, you think it comes down to making a statement such as "this immoveable object is moveable"? 

Well, then it's not immovable, is it..? 

I think we have to define whom it is immoveable by. 

Can God create an object that he himself cannot move?  Either way, it is an argument that omnipotence is impossible. 

No.  Immovable is just that. No one and nothing can move it. If it can be moved, it's movable. Simple. 

And I agree omnipotence is highly improbable. 

If it can be moved at all.. it's not immovable. That means even if God (assuming they exist for a moment) is the only one who can move it, it's still movable. Though just not movable by ordinary or earthly means. But then we're not talking about whether or not we as humans can move it, we're speaking of God's ability or lack there of. 

Your book looks interesting. I think I will buy a copy. In your “About” section you mention the Mensa Parapsychology SIG. That might be interesting. I once ran an Atheist SIG in England and I am thinking of setting one up here in Ireland (once I renew my lapsed membership). I also passed the ISPE test (about 20 years ago) but never joined. I did not know it was still going.

No. God doesn't exist as described by some religions. Other's hold that God is extremely powerful but not all doing (or necesarily all knowing). 

A logical impossibility, but for many people an emotional necessity.
The condition is deplorable but I won't say they are.

Centuries of religious wars in Europe and Asia have relieved some of the need. Not so in the Middle East. In America?

This discussion reminds me of kids going on about Superman.

Who said it's just kids..? Have you ever read "Man of Steel and Woman of Kleenex" by Larry Niven?

" going on about Superman."

Jake, they were told they are children of God and they believe it still.


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