A post found on 'THE WORST atrocities in human history'. Is it misrepresented?

"THE WORST atrocities in human history have been committed by Atheists who profoundly influenced by Darwin murdered 100 million people in a few decades ... More people then all the wars and collective murders in human history combined! The non metaphysical view of ethics is that they are evolutionary products that are merely taboos to help us survive and one moral ethos is a matter of personal tastes. Tell me how does that help us ...."

"I would rather live under the worst theocracy in Islam ( and in no fan of Islam ) than an atheistic one"


My thoughts.: Atheism is NOT an ideology. An atheists can be a fascist/nihilist but atheism was NOT their motive. Some of the people I assume this guy is talking about did believe in a God. And to the ones that don't, it was not their lack of belief in a god which drove them and motivated them, it was political, racial and nationalistic reasons and defended a religious worldview using religious doctrines to do so. Basically it was about Power.

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The usual mis-associations to accomplish a misguided agenda.

It would be like saying all the crimes and atrocities committed by men vs woman....or people who drank milk at least once as a child....

...And THEN going on about how drinking milk caused all these atrocities, etc.

The church supported Hitler, Hitler supported the church...and other than made up propaganda, there's only evidence of his Christianity.

To combat the bad PR (From backing the loser), the Church then went on a new propaganda spree to pretend they were against Hitler...even funding movies that make up back stories to paint them in a less horrific light, etc.

If theists want to pretend that atheism is why there was evil, then we can add up all the crimes committed by people who believed in gods, vs those committed by those who did not...and then we can talk about who's more evil.


This is a common "argument" made by theists against atheism. It is erroneous for the following reasons:

  1. As Robit said, atheism wasn't the motive behind the atrocities. There is no direct logical link between atheism and mass murder (can't say the same about many prominent theist religions).
  2. The number of people killed by an idea is irrelevant to the truth... So basically, even if atheism DID cause people to commit mass murder, the argument says nothing about the truth/untruth and atheism. Some might call it a red herring.

The purge of religious people in Soviet Russia and other totalitarian states (China, Cuba, North Korea etc) was vicious and there were deaths (in notable numbers). However, it was an utter fraction of the hit count of people who were purged, condemned and murdered in the USSR. Just about everyone and anyone was wiped out for just about any reason be it justified, a rumour, a scapegoat, an example, an irritation, a whim, or one guilty if tiny minor violations, jelousy, threats to ones ego etc.

There's no getting away from it. He was an atheist who condemed some religious figures to hard labour and/or death...and he did it, in part, with the intent of scarring the religious and wiping out religious control and influence. I doubt he cared in the least if people converted to atheism (that it was sincere) but was far more concerned about absolute power. Did he do this in the name of atheism? No...he did it part to wipe out the influence of religious people who owed no aleigence to the state and also to flex his power which affected other parties more in numbers of a factor of 1000s. He certainly didn't send farmers, homosexuals, capitalist, subversive writers in the name of his lack of belief in God? No.

Can we completely divorce what Stalin and Kim Yung Il did with lack of a beleif in God? I think it's a stretch to say it had absolutely NOTHING to do with how he saw himself as one who lacks belief in a God and what that means to him (because it means radically different things to different people). But ultimately it was about totalitarianism, control, power etc No one was safe, atheists, religious, men, women, Ukranians, turks, farmers, artists, journalists etc

So yes...he did murder a number of religious people for being religious people who tried to gain influence over the people...and that has a little to do with the purges...but was mostly per totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is the ideology...not atheism. Atheism is a lack of belief...and you can do 

It is propaganda. Give the specific references rather than sweeping conclusion and death toll. Otherwise how is one to know of what the asshole speaks. Never mind all of the wars, what of the murders in Chicago alone?

Influenced by Darwin? Atheism is logical with or without Darwin. One moral ethos should read one's. Non-metaphysical, is that bad? Is theistic view of ethics metaphysical? If the big bad man in da sky rules by fiat and demands obedience or else...is that a reliable guide to ethics? Atheists view of ethics is a matter of personal taste? So I guess the lower percentage of atheists in prison is a way of the almighty tipping his hat to the nonbelievers. However can and do atheists manage ethical issues without the absolute guidance furnished by god? Oh wait, they have brains. Can't say same for some theists.

Then there is all of the stuff mentioned by y'all that has been bandied about like hot rocks at a marshmallow roast.

Yeah, they tend to lump everything together as if its related.

The usual comes across with stuff like, you're an atheist so you believe a dog can give birth to a cat, and everything came from nothing, and, you worship the devil/hate god/jesus, and you don't believe in anything...but there's a cat right there, but you don't believe it.

and so forth.



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