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hey everybody! Im Kia, a newbie! 

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Hi Kia, welcome to TA.

Hi Kia, your cars are pretty good.

I'm the Emperor, welcome to TA.

Hey Kia. Welcome to think atheist. What's your story? :)

Hello, Kia! Wow. I just saw that you are from Iran - a country that is supposedly "99%" Muslim, although I guess they deny the existence of the agnostic/atheists in their country and add them to the "Muslim" statistic. Do you care to explain a bit more about the religious situation in Iran?

Thanks everyone! wasn't expecting so much of greetings from you guys!


My story may be as same as yours in general but (as you already know) being an atheist as the same time as being in Iran is kind of different!

Iran is not bad itself! but some idiots make it look bad. but actually i don't blame them for their behavior. they're doing their tasks as their religion's telling them to do. Yes most of us were muslims but there is also some christians, bahaiis, jews, zoroastrains and ... . And the amount of atheists or agnostics isn't that low. But they're unknown for reasons i'll tell later on.
They do deny Agnostics or Atheists! They actually deny everything they don't like (including their people)! but not liking people means they execute them!
Most of them are people like me. Actually by writing here i'm committing three crimes at the same time. First one is that i left islam so i should be killed as the islamic rules say and the second one is that i'm an agnostic atheist so i should be killed and the third one is i'm writing here(which is a filtered web site and entering filtered web sites is a crime) so i should be killed.

If they find out, i'm dead!
Is the situation same for you out there?

Kia, I admire your bravery in your situation. Please stay safe. It is people like who can make a difference in places like Iran.

Like Davis Goodman said, what is your story of transition to agnostic/atheist?

Also, I am curious about your view of your country. Anyone on the internet can google "Iranian laws", but how do they affect your day-to-day life?

Again, stay safe. Just know that you have supporters in far-away places that are thinking about you often.

I'm trying to be safe just as everyone else, thank you. :)

I'd never liked my religion. The way it ruined my country..., even the way it ruined other "non-islamic" countries, the way it still ruining the world..., the way persians became muslim and historic lies -mostly by extreme muslims[In my opinion islam is a religion that doesn't have any extremes; It has only lows. lows are bad. Normals are the worst!]- about it! (I hope you know some parts of our history)
But what made me hate it even more, was its ridicules laws!!

You see, islam comes from a desert! Where there is no water!  Where there is no civilization. Where men want women just for their sexual joys! Where wars break out only for water, only for one woman, only for a piece of food to eat(even if i'ts garbage)! Where 2 women means only 1 man. And and and ... . These aren't my words! It is HISTORY of ISLAM!

In a one-word explanation of islam, i'd say it's a "waist-down" religion.
Its laws are all about "how to women"!!!!
Even in its after life period, there is women!
Which god says don't do anything "bad" so for you there will be women?
What IS bad? "waist-down" laws are bad or "non waist-down" laws??

So that's my story!

My country is cool! People are cool! How we protest is cool (My stealthy freedom)! 
But about Iranian laws! Besides from what i call the islamic laws... there is no other law! So in our situation "Nothing[!]" can affect our daily life more than "Any law"! You noticed Iran's solitary? That's how "Nothing" can affect our daily life.

I cant access this: the limited research about public opinion in Iran
But as i read its 3 results(which you typed here), I'm only agree with the 2nd one. Even though people in Iran separates in 3 groups and the 2nd result only apply to one of those groups.

Yes, I've already took steps to remain anonymous. I'm using FreeGate for my web browsings. Also a clever disguise will do the same! :) :)

Sth interesting: Iranian Atheists and Agnostics society on facebook. it's got more than 137K likes!


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