Hi everyone! This is just an update to let you know there has been a lot of work put into this new layout. It will be a complete overhaul of the site design. We will be switching to a two columns theme for the home page and making the activity stream front and center. Oh don't forget this will be a new and improved activity stream! :]


  • Members can post a Status from the Main Page.
  • Activity Items have a new, cleaner UI that makes it easier for members to interact with content in the feed.
  • Videos are playable inline, and photo thumbnails are larger.
  • When you click "Continue" on a blog post, the post expands inline.


In the meantime, we're also working on these additional features:
  • Ability to like & comment inline on the Activity Feed
  • Ability to like & comment on statuses.


With this new theme update also comes changes to your current profile theme. We are rolling out an easier to use theme editor for you, but in order to do that your current theme will automatically be changed to the new default theme. The coolest part is that it is a real time theme editor for your profile page. Once you change a setting you see it real time. It is always fun to update your profile page right? So in short if you have a background or color scheme that you absolutely love on your profile page make sure to save them on your computer.


There will also be a site e-announcement about the new design.


If all goes well, I might make a quick vid showcasing it and post it to this post so stay tuned!


Thanks for all of your generous support and dedication in making what TA is today!


Morgan Matthew

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Indeed, a lot cleaner.  Nice changes.
I thought it was great before!! Thanks for looking ahead. Jerry
What shall we have to do?
I love it.
Looks great! Amazing job Morgan!
Two Thumbs Up! Nice work Morgan :)

Big improvement; you should be proud. Senior UX/UI designer and front-end developer here.


I would suggest adding more space/padding between the columns though. Don't be afraid of whitespace. When everything lacks adequate spacing it looks crowded. Right now you've only got 5px padding between columns.  I'd suggest 20px.


I would also create a greater distinction between the thin white dividers and the main section separators. Right now the mix of thin and slightly thicker lines comes off as a bit messy I think.


Finally, I think you can reduce the amount of elements that are blue.  I realize you're making all links blue, but that's not mandatory. tags, categories and be link that are less prominent. Only your most prominent links should have that high-contrast neon blue. When there are 100+ links on a page and they are all blue it starts too look really busy, and less clean.


hope this helps! Love the redesign.

I guess I'm the contrarian here.  I liked the old interface better.  No matter where, on the site, I was I could see the latest activity: I could see who was posting and what they were posting about.  In other words, member activity was always prominent no matter where you were on the site.

Now there's far less social networking info available as I wander the site.  If I want that old level of info, I have to go back to the Home page.  I can also click View All to get more info but that takes extra time and effort and applies only to specific site areas (blogs, forums, etc.).  As I write this, there is no "Latest Activity" displayed.  The site seem less social to me.  The sense of community seems diminished under the new interface.  The "Latest Activity" display needs to stay ubiquitous on the site.

Also, narrowing the main column means that nested reply levels get used up even faster than before -- doesn't it?  I haven't actually checked that out but it seems like a logical consequence.

Maybe I'm missing something (?), given how positive the feedback, in general, appears to be.



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