Reading and listening to this NPR coverage, Jesus Reconsidered, about author and evangelist Brian McLaren puts me thinking that he knows that Christianity in America (and beyond) needs to change or it will die like the dinosaurs did many years ago. As religious numbers lessen and secular numbers increase, it seems that some religious leaders like McLaren need a new plan of attack.

Is McLaren trying to rewrite the stone tablets to make Christianity more inclusive and open and tolerant to simply save it? Is he simply making money? What is really going on here?

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New Christianity?
Another take on a book full of badly written lies with no real structure and no real punchlines.

will die like the dinosaurs did many years ago

So all christians will all die by a colliding rock from space. Great.
Will we be Collateral damage? Damn
Everyone knows that dinosaurs died in the flood because they were too big to take on the arc.

Edit: What exactly is this "new christianity" about? Is it any different from liberal christians who take a big helping of personal jesus with a side of heaven, but chalk up anything they don't like in the bible as being metaphor?


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