Hi. I'm one of the news writers for the Infidel News on YouTube channel AtheismTV. We recently launched a new weekly podcast where we discuss some of the news stories featured on the show. The website for the podcast where you can watch or download the audio is here: http://infidelpodcast.blogspot.com/

The show broadcasts live on this channel, http://vaughnlive.tv/nicolsd.

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Thanks for the heads up Dave! It's great to see airtime finally coming to the atheist sector of society. We are under represented and grossly misunderstood. Hopefully your podcast will shed some much deserved light on the ever expanding world of atheism.

The next show in the podcast is scheduled to air live on Wed Sept 15 at 6:30 PM EST. That's 3:30 PM PST and 11:30 PM GMT. 


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