Is anyone else extremely annoyed by the whole Mosque controversy and the rebirth of O'bama's religion argument.

All I'm reminded is how prevalent religion is in Americans minds and how it makes up policy.

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So as far as I know, it's a non-issue, anyway.
1) There is already a mosque much closer to ground zero. It's apparently been there for decades.
2) They aren't trying to build a mosque at all. They are building a community center. What's the difference? Hell, I dunno. But it annoys me when folks misuse names with the intent of inciting emotional responses.
This whole made up controversy is about something that doesn't even exist! The religiosity of America is ridiculous. When are we going to grow up? Extremely annoyed is an understatement!
Hallowed Ground?

Obama giving in to negative public opinion polls softens his defense of building mosque:

[The project, known as Park51, is opposed by a majority of New York City resident.]

“Speaking to reporters today, President Obama drew a sharp line under his comments last
night [about mosque], insisting that his defense of the right to build a mosque does not mean
he supports the project.
"I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put
a mosque there. I was commenting very specifically on the right people have that dates back
to our founding," he said. --Politico

“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, among others, has referred to the area around Ground
Zero as “hallowed ground.” . . . .

“As supporters held signs extolling religious freedom at the site of the proposed Islamic
center Wednesday, a stripper who gave her name as Cassandra was working the afternoon
shift at New York Dolls on Murray Street — just around the corner [ from ground O--along
with the Pussycat Lounge]. She worried that calls to prayer from the mosque at Park51
might wake up neighbors. But when she was told that the organizers aren’t planning
loudspeakers, she said she didn’t have a problem with the project.

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Cassandra said. “It’s freedom of religion, you know?”
Down on Church Street, one block east of the proposed Islamic center and two blocks from
Ground Zero, men placed bets on horse racing at an Off-Track Betting facility. One bettor
said he could see why the families of victims might get upset about the mosque and
community center, but scoffed at the notion that the area around the betting parlor was
hallowed ground.” “The bums used to sit right in front of it,” he said of the Park51 location,
which would replace a former Burlington Coat Factory store damaged in the terrorist
--The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, August 19, 2010 As of 2:17 PM EDT
I'm really glad this article points to the fact that there are strip clubs and an Off-track betting place right next to where the "Community Center" will be placed in an abandoned Burlington Coat factory. Hahahah!! this is just too funny.
I am very concerned about this whole "dialog". When it first started my first reaction was one of anger. After I settled down I realized that this boiles down to a discussion of constitutional rights. If they are forced to change their plans then I have real concerns for the rest of us. Who are "they" going to go after next? How is the constitution going to be shredded the next time?


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