A man has been sentenced to prison for armed robbery

A man has been sentenced to prison for armed robbery, and admits guilt for the deed. "But", he argues,"I'll never do anything of the kind again. I'm not insane or a danger to society. I would be happier out of jail than in. My wife depends on me for support and she and the children would be far happier if I were able to be the family breadwinner again. As to the influence on others, almost no one would ever know about it; you can keep the matter out of the newspapers and no one except you will ever know that the crime was committed. Therefore, you should release me" Assuming he is correct, what would you do?

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5 year probation. Hardcore to the system. Oh, & depends on his criminal history. If none, 5 years probation.
He needs some sort of punishment for his actions. Also, if he was unstable and/or desperate enough to commit armed robbery, he may just be unstable and/or desperate enough to lie to you about his promise and family. He needs to take responsibility for his actions no matter how sane he claims to be.

As a matter of fact, he has less of an excuse to do it if he was sane than an insane person.
I guess I want to know why he committed armed robbery. Was his child sick and he needed the money for treatment? Was his family starving and he desperately needed food? Did he really just neeeeed a flat screen? I might go lenient if he had a very good -verifiable- reason for his actions. If not, off to jail!
Obviously he wasn't cutting it as the breadwinner if he had to resort to armed robbery.
Waving a gun in someones face is a violent act, whether or not there was bloodshed. This man is a danger to society and his family.
A comprehensive work-in-jail system is what America needs. Why pay taxes on these fucks when they can be growing their own food, learning work ethic and even creating a surplus that provides for their family on the outside?
I'd like to be put in charge of the American prison system, please!
Votes for you.
the work-in-jail thing always sounds good. especially if the program actually helps reform & rehabilitate inmates for when they get out.

however, i think there are a lot of snags when you think about the details. what's the motivation to work hard or work at all? how do you enforce a work ethic on these people? whips? you get into a sticky area with forced labor... aka slavery... fyi a huge % of incarcerated people are black men... picture the headlines.

still, if it can be done humanely and with rehabilitation as the goal, i think it is at least an idea to look into.

but if a prison isn't meeting quota, what do you do, arrest more pot smokers?
yeah, yeah, yeah. violent criminal with a sob story about how he's a good person. how convenient that he's now thinking about the happiness of his family.

and this part doesn't even make sense, considering that the guy was already sentenced in front of a criminal court and jury: "almost no one would ever know about it; you can keep the matter out of the newspapers and no one except you will ever know that the crime was committed."

he's been sentenced. off to jail. feel free to appeal and/or fight for a reform of the justice system.


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