A-HOLES - couldn't they have waited for tranquilizers?

I am utterly disgusted...this idiot commits suicide and lets all his wild animals out (since apparently in Ohio you can own all kinds of wild animals) but the police decide to shoot them all dead - from horses, kangaroos and other wild animals. Couldn't they have simply warned everyone to stay inside and wait a couple of hours for wildlife officials to come with tranquilizers? I feel utterly disgusted


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@ Kasu


I am not fond of zoos and caging animals. There is a trend to open up the zoo's confinement areas of these creatures and allow them to interact more with their environment. That is a positive step. The reality is that eventually all big cats will reside in sanctuaries/zoos due to loss of natural habitat. Less than 500 tigers remain in India's countryside IIRC. Homo sapiens insatiable desire to reproduce is having a huge impact on bio-diversity.

I was just having a discussion about this on another site. It's simply sickening. While the guy that had them caged is initially at fault, there was so much that the police could have done to avoid this massacre. Close the town, tell everyone to stay inside, track the animals from police cruisers during the night, maybe even pile up raw meat for them to eat through the night. They would have been able to keep them localized, feeding them enough would probably mellow them, or even make them nap. When daylight comes, let people who know what they're doing tranquilize them, rather than letting trigger-happy cops get their kicks. If you are getting charged at by a bear, than you only have one option. But preemptively killing the animals was unnecessary and disgusting. Plus, isn't killing 18 Bengal Tigers the equivalent of 34-35 million people given global populations?


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