A-HOLES - couldn't they have waited for tranquilizers?

I am utterly disgusted...this idiot commits suicide and lets all his wild animals out (since apparently in Ohio you can own all kinds of wild animals) but the police decide to shoot them all dead - from horses, kangaroos and other wild animals. Couldn't they have simply warned everyone to stay inside and wait a couple of hours for wildlife officials to come with tranquilizers? I feel utterly disgusted


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I am so upset by this whole fiasco, too. I'm sick and tired of people being allowed to own exotic, dangerous, HUGE animals. What the HELL is wrong with our society that this is okay? This guy was facing fines and penalties already and then he showed by his cowardice how much he really didn't care about them by releasing them before taking his life. There are people who breed these animals so others can own them. Why are we allowing this to happen? It's one thing to preserve these beautiful creatures in the right environment, with professionals caring for them, but for any Joe Blow...it's ridiculous.

Several years ago, I lived in a mobile home park and one of my daughters and her friend came running home saying a bobcat chased them! I went looking for it, and sure enough, there was a bobcat on the loose. It's owner lived in the mobile home park and I later learned that he'd gotten in trouble for the cat escaping before and so was ordered to keep it in a small cage AT ALL TIMES. What the hell kind of life is that for a bobcat? I ended up catching it by snagging his collar...until his head kept twisting toward my wrist and I had to let go as I saw teeth gleaming at me, lol. The cat was eventually caught, and I'm sure, put back in his small cage inside a damn mobile home.

As for these particular animals, I did read that authorities tried to tranquilize a Bengal Tiger, but it wouldn't go down, so they had to shoot it. I can understand them not wanting to risk danger to the public-at-large, but damn....I'm sure some of those animals could have been spared. It breaks my heart because I'm a huge animal lover. I do have two exotics myself, but they are little guys...a hedgehog and a sugar glider. Neither is big or dangerous and I take very good care of them. I would never, EVER, no matter how much money I might have, try to get a tiger or bear or lion. That's just insane. Laws need to be changed so everyday people can no longer get their hands on these amazing creatures...and breeding them, too, needs to be criminalized.

I mostly agree with you.


While releasing them was not the responsible thing to do, I think he was trying to give the animals a chance. If he'd committed suicide and left them in their cages, they might have died of thirst before anyone realized something was wrong.

He could have given them to the zoo.

He definitely could have offered. But actually given? A zoo is not a magical place that has space and resources for infinite animals.

All he had to do was call authorities and tell them he was going to kill himself, so come take care of the animals. He had a choice and he knew what was going to happen. It was one last selfish, thoughtless act. Think of all the stories you hear of a father...or mother...who kills all their kids and then themselves. This guy basically did the same thing with the animals. By letting them go, he knew he was signing their death warrants. Cowardly bastard.

Wow.  the whole story is sickening.


Reminds me of the book Ishmael.  I highly recommend it for anyone else with similar sentiments.

Our country is long overdue for tighter controls on who owns what in the way of the exotic animal industry. This massacre should serve as a wake up call to all animal rights activists. The Florida Everglades is being over run with several species of python. We have Asian fish in our waterways that are decimating indigenous populations.


Private ownership of these beautiful creatures should be closely scrutinized. I am not a big fan of caged animals anywhere, including zoos, but these creatures require professional management.  

Sassan, I heard about this on my way to work yesterday. They mentioned something about the fact that it was dark and raining as the reason they didn't use tranquillisers. Also apparently they did attempt to use tranquillisers in some cases (where it was relatively safe I guess) and managed to save some (6 I think) animals. One case where they attempted use of tranquillisers was on a 300 pound tiger. The tiger was enraged and the tranquilliser apparently didn't affect it so they had to shoot it to save the human lives in the area. Still a terrible tragedy, why would you release all of your dangerous, wild animals if you are going to commit suicide? why not donate them zoos or animal reserves. I am amazed that this guys private zoo was perfectly legal.

Uncool. However, the authorities did the right thing. It makes me sad to say, but it's true.

I'm not bothered that much about them shooting the animals. Its unfortunate, but what can you do? Though, I know some of those officers are going to brag about how they killed a tiger and shit like that, and that makes me angry.

@ Kris


Buying a toy (motorcycle, sports car) and killing yourself with it is one thing. But to buy an animal that soon grows and possesses the predatory instincts to kill you after one false move is lunacy. Legislation is needed to restrict naive people from acquiring these types of animals. A sanctuary run by professionals is where they need to reside. In the end the animal always loses because a naive human wanted to be their intimate friend.


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