Check out my just-released book - A CURE FOR CHRISTIANITY.  Published by Algora Publishers, it is available NOW from Amazon and also from book stores everywhere. Want a signed or personalized copy?  Contact me at or call at 410-527-0717 (eastern time) for more information or to talk. Let me know and I can send you the introduction - free -  by e-mail so you can see for yourself about this book.

Boyd Pfeiffer

14303 Robcaste Road

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My recently released atheistic book – published by Algora Publishers – NO PROOF AT ALL – A CURE FOR CHRISTIANITY – would be perfect for any discussion or debate with theologians or mention/review on your site. This book covers all the reasons why Christianity should be avoided and how to recover from it as I did as a youth. The 21 chapters cover prayer, Ten Commandments, prophecy, faith healing, heaven, hell, Biblical immoralities, Biblical impossibilities, miracles, medicine, science, scientific method, faith, and more.  Thanks for considering this. Want a copy either bound or sent my email?  Let me know with an appropriate address and I will be glad to get one out to you!



C. Boyd Pfeiffer

14303 Robcaste Road

Phoenix, MD 21131




Are you selling books to us, or offering to send free books to your base?


TJ --

As you can tell, I am dumber than dirt about computers and various sites.  A second message went out which should clarify things.  I can and do sell books but prefer that people buy them from stores or Amazon.  Sorry for the confusion on this and hope that you can forgive me for my mistakes. I am just trying to [promote my book on atheism and hope that the word on this book and critical thinking gets out there.  There was also a mistake in the book title - it is NO PROOF AT ALL - A CURE FOR CHRISTIANITY.

Boyd Pfeiffer

So, to get the word out, would it be marketing to have Atheists read it and discuss it?

We're the one's who don't need proof really, as atheists, we sort of already decided.   :)

So, it might be more along the lines of some of us reading it to get talking points we can use when talking to non-atheists.

Is that what you had in mind?


You said it better than I did. Atheists can always use talking points which is why I read Hitchens, Dawkins, Barker, Dennett, Harris, RC Sproul, CS Lewis, and so many others on both side of the fence. Always trying to learn more and test my arguments that I have against religion. Thanks for your thoughts on this and my efforts - perhaps poor - to get publicity for my book. There are enough people out there - the religionists - who I think need it.

Boyd Pfeiffer.    


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