Ok so I found a website that has a lot of crazy stuff on it:


The owner of the site mentions that it is not a hate site but clearly it is. He said he keeps getting attacked and yet he wonders why. Gee could it be that maybe he is being hateful without realizing it. Sometimes I think people or rather most religious folks (mostly of the Christian religion) can be hateful and not even realize it and that is bothersome to me. How can a person be hateful and not realize it?


Also my dad (who is a Christian but one of those who believes just in case) went down to west Virginia earlier this month and one of the things he told me when he got back is that it was hard to find anything to watch because on almost every channel was a TV evangelist. He got this shirt down there that pretty much says that the founding fathers were religious and believed in god and so this nation is a Christian nation. It drives me nuts and he is going to wear it this Sunday (and yes I go to church with my dad simply because I know some of the people their and it's entertaining). Yes my dad knows I am an atheist and he is ok with it but he likes to tease me about it which irks me a bit. Nobody at my dads church knows that I am an atheist but I've been wanting to tell them which I know would be a big risk and so I am holding off on doing that until I feel absolutely ready. Let me know what you guys think and any helpful advice. Thanks:)


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I had never thought, till now, that alphabet soup could be used as another platform for rather intelligent foreplay. My imagination just reels with the permutations.Thank you Arch!

Have you ever played 'The glass plate game'? I wonder if alphabet soup could work nicely for deep conversations. Sadly the soup would need to be rewarmed rather often, and a good dictionary would be needed. 

Thank you Arch!

Hey, what good is dementia if it isn't shared --?

"How can a person be hateful and not realize it?"

Silly question. Virtually NO ONE who might be called "hateful" realizes it. The hate always emanates from the other side. Adolph Hitler was not evil in his own eyes. The hate he held for non-Aryans was THEIR fault - not his. In his mind, he was trying to do the right thing for the world.

We need to try to defeat, within ourselves, the notion that WE are on the good side and that they KNOW they are evil and they delight in it <hands rubbing and evil BWUAHAHAHA laugh>. EVERYONE is on the "good" side. Everyone needs to be open to the ideas even of their fiercest opponents - from their perspective - trying to understand how/why they might have such views.

Interesting, I quess I have been liberal just long enough to start listening to my own self talk, and then notice that some of it stinks! Happy to know that my enlightenment is a little delayed yet...;0)


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