Ok so I found a website that has a lot of crazy stuff on it:


The owner of the site mentions that it is not a hate site but clearly it is. He said he keeps getting attacked and yet he wonders why. Gee could it be that maybe he is being hateful without realizing it. Sometimes I think people or rather most religious folks (mostly of the Christian religion) can be hateful and not even realize it and that is bothersome to me. How can a person be hateful and not realize it?


Also my dad (who is a Christian but one of those who believes just in case) went down to west Virginia earlier this month and one of the things he told me when he got back is that it was hard to find anything to watch because on almost every channel was a TV evangelist. He got this shirt down there that pretty much says that the founding fathers were religious and believed in god and so this nation is a Christian nation. It drives me nuts and he is going to wear it this Sunday (and yes I go to church with my dad simply because I know some of the people their and it's entertaining). Yes my dad knows I am an atheist and he is ok with it but he likes to tease me about it which irks me a bit. Nobody at my dads church knows that I am an atheist but I've been wanting to tell them which I know would be a big risk and so I am holding off on doing that until I feel absolutely ready. Let me know what you guys think and any helpful advice. Thanks:)


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How in the world did you get through that site.  Who ever, owns that site should be committed!

Granted, I've never designed a website but I do know a little bit about graphic design.  That website reminds me of how I'd imagine the mind of a schizophrenic person with a hoarding problem would look in graphic form. My brain can't even follow along.  It's too uncomfortable.  I hope I can un-see it in time. 

beautiful. I'd like a T-shirt with the fueled by satan thing on it, except racists who hate Muslims would think I was supporting their b.s. instead of being ironic. oh well, there are other memes.

Could you clarify Why would it be "a big risk" to them you do not believe in their fairy tale please.

Yep. It could cause you a great many problems.

This doesn't excuse a lie of omission...but consider how much they are potentially hiding from you, and the rest of the church community. If they're your average church membership, I'm sure any number of them are doubtful, hypocrits, or just there for the social benefits. You are under the same obligation for disclosure as these folks. Buuuut, one thing is unique for you--you aren't hiding a sin from God. You do not need to confess.

If you're there because you want to take advantage of the people there, pretending to be a believer--that's one thing. However, it sounds like you're following Dad's rules to keep him happy while you live in his house...? There's nothing wrong with that.

So why do you go to church?

You should really warn people about toxic dosing! I was there for only about 3 mins and started to feel the pressure building from a brain implosion!


I think it would reflect on your dad if you did, and by choice, it's more his church than yours. I'd talk to him about it, ask how it would affect him, and if he's good with it (and he seems cool), then go for it!

Just visited the website - can you imagine living with all of that running around in your head? His parents really did a number on him.

So 'image salud' should be added to the characteristics of 'nutty webpage builders'?

I am familiar with jesus-is-savior.com.  Absolutely Fruit Loops, that one. (No offense to General Mills, or whoever manufactures Fruit Loops cereal...)

Maybe not, but it's fun to write obscene words with your alphabet soup!


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