I have a little conspiracy theory I'd like to submit for review.

Basically, totalitarians and would be totalitarians have targeted one group thruout history for destruction or intimidation, and that group is "the intelligentsia", the "intellectual elite" and  intellectuals in general.

The catholic church targeted them, as in the case of astronomers, nazis targeted them, stalin targeted them, mao targeted them, pol pol targeted them and so on. Virtually every fascist, totalitarian regime in history targets intellectuals for destruction or intimidation. In Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper" one of the groups targets for elimination upon the restoration of "the leader" is clearly labeled intellectuals.

It's not hard to see why intellectuals are usually a prime target for oppressors. The dictator doesn't like people who think for themselves, who analyze, who criticize and who may sew the seed of doubt or expose the flaws in their statements. The intellectual is a danger to those who want to think for the people instead of having them do it for themselves.

The thing is that I wonder if there isn't a covert war against intellectuals in america today, a war waged by various factions to quietly surpress the intellectual, to weaken his standing in society, to make the intellectual  a laughing stock to keep the people from listening to him without tne messy expedient of the goon squad in the night, the bullet ijn the back of the head and the unmarked mass grave.

If you look at how intellectuals are protrayed in modern america, it seems pretty clear that someone wants to mock, degrade, denigrate and belittle them.

 A while back the SFC did a reboot of "Flash Gordon" which I did not watch more than a little of as in it the main character "Dr Zarkov" was portrayed as a slovenly, whimpering, pathetic geek living in a winnebago and easily terrorized by damn near anyone. He was, as I understand, mocked and ridiculed thru the not brief enough series and made the butt of every joke.

 The original Hans Zarkov was a hero who helped save earth and was respected, portrayed in a respectable fashion in the original show. Now, he's a joke.

Likewise, in america today we use terms like "Einstein" and "brain" as terms of mockery and abuse. Scientists used to be respected and admired, even feared somewhat. Now they're pathetic figures that any "smart kid" can outwit and abuse to his heart's content.

Shows like the big gang theory likewise portray intelligent people as spazzes, geeks, losers and undesirables who end up being mocked, taunted, degraded, etc.

Is it just me or does it look like there's a campaign against intellectuals in american society today?. If so, who's behind it?

I blame corporate america for a lot of things, mostly because it is to blame for a lot of things. You don't suppose that corporate america, who controls most media thru advertising, wants to denigrate intellectuals because they make poor consumers, what with their refusal to just accept the latest ad campaign, their annoying habits of researching things to determine what' a good buy is, etc.?

It seems that on ameroican TV now stupid, shallow and selifhs people are portrayed as "cool" and played by good looking actors, and of course stupid, shallow and selfish people make great little consumers becaus rethey're so easy to manipulate and control. "You're not cool unless you have )product x)", the ads say. "Ohmigod!", reply the stupid, shallow and selfish. "I gotta go get that!"

Politicians hate the intellectual as well, for reasons too obvious and numerous to elaborate on here.

So, could there be a covert, subtle war against intellectuals in america today, being waged by those who want a shallow, stupid, selfish population to manipulate and control easily? So instead of just rounding them all up and dumping them in mass graves, they just negatively stereotype them to the point no one pays attention?

 could be wrong, but this is how it looks to me.


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There is a lot of anti-intellectualism in America. I wouldn't go quite so far as to call it a conspiracy or even particularly organized.

Anti-intellectualism isn't new in America. Our culture has always had a thing for catering to the average Joe. In fact our country was founded upon the idea that the average Joe (instead of royalty) should have a say in how to run things. It isn't a surprise at all to me that the average Joe is still catered to today.
// "Politicians hate the intellectual as well" //
That's not completely true; an intellectual, free-thinking politician was just elected president.
You know, as a thought the last time I saw an intellectual being portrayed positively, and I mean a real intellectual type person, not a "hawttie" who also had brains, was on MTV (!!!) when they ran the series "Daria".

Ghawd how I loved that show.

It's so incredible to think that MTV (!!!) would make a show uplifting an intellectual, but they did and may have been the last ones in america to do so.

Now MTV is bringing back "Beavis and butthead", but aparently not "Daria".



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