So here's a reply I received from a Christian when I posted a question to the believers on a thread: Why do YOU believe in god?

To summarize the convo before this: someone asked why I chose the screen name anathema.
It is because I was disowned by my family when they found out i was atheist.
Here's what he said:

"But that's what I was trying to tell you. You are VERY ill advised to try and come between a man or woman and his / her beliefs. You chose your atheism over your family, or rather they chose God over your disbelief. They have NO ROOM for your disbelief. I will never let someone come between God and me. I don't care who it is or how much they offer. Get it? Your views were unacceptable to them. Maybe you can join a cloistered order of atheists somewhere. That's what happens when you challenge a person's belief.

Now, you have no God, and you have no family. I hope your choices were worth it."

Here, a decent Christian came in and told him to be a little less hateful.

This is his reply:

"Yes, compassion is always nice. But what I said needed to be said, because Anathema doesn't understand it. You cannot run around saying, "There is no God." Seventy-three percent of the people in this country don't like that, and there are always consequences for one's unguarded mouth. Heck, I disagree with Anathema, and his view has no place in my heart.

I did say in the previous comment that I was sorry for the situation."

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Well, that is what some of us (me) mean when we say we don't believe in god. ;)
true..but i usually tend to be a little more sensitive about it. lol
In my experience it doesn't matter what I say or mean.  Anything short of a complete ass-kissing is insufficient in their minds.  When Christians demand "respect" what they mean is "conform, or else".
I can only be sensitive for so long..but at least I know I'm not like them.

The ignorance displayed by the first commenter just goes to show the whole "My way or the highway attitude". It doesn't matter where you are in this world, you're always going to meet people who disagree with your opinions. It's really sad that your family disowned you like that, family should be there for you regardless of what you believe. 


By saying; "There is no God." Seventy-three percent of the people in this country don't like that, and there are always consequences for one's unguarded mouth" when you merely asked a question "Why do you believe in God"? Just goes to show how easily butt-hurt these religious people can really be. Nothing that you said should have offended anyone. 

I don't know if it would help your cause, but perhaps, if you were to explain your reasons for not believing. I don't at all mean you to try and turn them, just be logical. I find that the simplest of answers is the best. "I choose not to be a follower for the sake of following. I choose to think for myself and therefore have drawn my own conclusion".
Yet more rubbish 'reasoning' from a theist. They claim that you chose 'forcing your beliefs' over family. That couldn't be more false. You stayed true to yourself, but were forcing nothing. I'm sure that you had every intention of respecting your differences and remaining a family. However, it was them that decided total obedience to what they want you to think and do over actually respecting you as a person. I find it so sad that some parents can just toss their kids away over something so trivial. You didn't 'ask for this' or 'make that bed'. It is your parents that are being ridiculous, disrespectful, and unwilling to compromise or accept you for you.
Thank you all for your responses.

Typical.... [.... #] seems like every Christian who posts a hateful comment always follows it with a cop-out piece of bullshit like "Your position makes you an abomination....but I feel sorry for you" "You can go to Hell! ... I'll pray for your soul." "You better prepare because God hates you! ... but you're a lost sheep and he will forgive you when you come back."



When "god" speaks to me personally or someone comes back from the dead and says they were in heaven and have returned to convert me, maybe then I'll believe!  But, not likely! Because I'll know my brain has become mush!

FUCK this drives me insane. What a callous asshole. I can't believe people can say things like this and actually genuinely feel that way. You'd expect something like that from a forum troll or sexually frustrated 14 year old hiding behind their computer screen. I am completely disgusted to the core of my being about this horrible person's opinions.


Anathema, I really admire your bravery for coming out to your family about your lack of belief when you no doubt could have predicted how severe the consequences might be, and I admire you even more for staying true to yourself despite the ludicrous ramblings of theistic fundamentalists who dare to call themselves moderates.

Christians like that are one of many reasons I am atheist.  Once again not practising what they preach - about being kind to all.

It's sickening how quick they are to judge and say we are selling our rubbish to others, but atheists know more about their holy book than they do.


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