So here's a reply I received from a Christian when I posted a question to the believers on a thread: Why do YOU believe in god?

To summarize the convo before this: someone asked why I chose the screen name anathema.
It is because I was disowned by my family when they found out i was atheist.
Here's what he said:

"But that's what I was trying to tell you. You are VERY ill advised to try and come between a man or woman and his / her beliefs. You chose your atheism over your family, or rather they chose God over your disbelief. They have NO ROOM for your disbelief. I will never let someone come between God and me. I don't care who it is or how much they offer. Get it? Your views were unacceptable to them. Maybe you can join a cloistered order of atheists somewhere. That's what happens when you challenge a person's belief.

Now, you have no God, and you have no family. I hope your choices were worth it."

Here, a decent Christian came in and told him to be a little less hateful.

This is his reply:

"Yes, compassion is always nice. But what I said needed to be said, because Anathema doesn't understand it. You cannot run around saying, "There is no God." Seventy-three percent of the people in this country don't like that, and there are always consequences for one's unguarded mouth. Heck, I disagree with Anathema, and his view has no place in my heart.

I did say in the previous comment that I was sorry for the situation."

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It's a very human trait to always point the blame elsewhere, and to side with people with the same beliefs.


"Birds of a feather flock together."


I feel sorry for him. He probably doesn't have many friends because he's so polarizing.

I am so thankful for not having a religious family. My father was born and raised a Muslim. When he came to America, he left behind the religion. He never was sucked in by any religion. Though, he was raised in a religious household, he never felt like it was real. My dad always taught us to think for ourselves and make our own decisions in life. He is Atheist, but he always let us know that if we wanted to pursue any religion it was okay. He has 4 kids and every one of us are Atheists. Go figure!
I hope you realize that your father is an exceptional man.  There aren't too many out there with that sort of intelligence, integrity and determination.

I agree. That's awesome.



OH yeah I realized that very early in life. I definitely would not be the person I am now without his intelligence, integrity and determination

"They have NO ROOM for your disbelief. I will never let someone come between God and me. I don't care who it is or how much they offer. Get it? Your views were unacceptable to them"


My father (a muslim) used to say: 'Doubt is the biggest devil.  So don't allow doubt into your heart.' 

Religieus people really see us, atheïsts, as devils.  We bring doubt... and that is not good for religions.   Most of us became atheïsts because we had doubts... 

The most horrible things have once been popular in this country.  Racism, being the biggest one to come to mind.   We all know that popular means nothing when it comes to right and wrong.

It's a shame when  a family adheres to the teachings that closely that they would put their loved ones second to their god.   But that's what the bible says you should do.  Sad.

Theists are currently positioned throughout the power structure in the U.S.  In addition, most non-believers are not aggressive people.  Theists won't have much to fear from us anytime soon.  There may come a day when the law regarding separation of church and state is truly respected again, but even that seems a few years off.


Even if non-believers became a supermajority, I don't think we would ever bully believers simply for spouting off.  That's not the kind of people we are.  It is the religious who are the bullies--just like their god.

Tell this prick that if he doesn't change his attitude and learn to love you and be nice to you and to say nice things back to you -- that I SAID his ass will be burning in HELL for all enternity.  So saith his Lord.


I read that in a book once.....



LOL- nice reply, swiss.
Made me laugh.
Tell him:  Remember when smoking was the in thing to do!? About 90% of the population smoked at one time. They all felt they were immune to lung cancer and second hand smoke.  My but science has learned a lot since then.  Ask both my deceased parents who died of lung cancer at 60 yrs of age! Not to mention the millions more across the world! These type of people are so stuck in their time (The Dark Ages), that they can't for the life of me foresee what will happen in the future as people become more informed and intelligent.  What a fucked-up mentality that guy must have!


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