as i write tonight, there is undoubtedly Palestinian rockets blowing apart an innocent Israeli child into a disintegrated chemical mess of sulfur and carbon

and vice versa...

conflict and religion are like vinegar and baking soda

shake them together in a securely sealed container, such as the air tight closed mind of a man who knows has all of his answers, and can / will / shall not be told otherwise

and undoubtedly the resulting explosion of misguided passion will lead to a perception that one mans life (his own) is worth giving up for another mans cause (his superior)

class, note the usage of the word man

now, if you are smart enough, there are only two sides to pick

shall i side with the weapons manufacturers who are amicably smiling about making a fortune out of conflicts such as this, selling artillery to misguided men who need no kick nor word to jump off the skyscraper. these men in power who are the same oil barons killing our clouds and clotting our oceans with plastic platelets

shall i side with the artists who let poor, confused souls remove themselves from the gene pool whilst painting and singing and mocking from the sidelines, but whom will never have the power / business sense to truly impact the world the way a cutthroat corporate type weasel hot chick brain can

oh, power struggle... when will you shed your pimply teenage body and grow up?

the modern world AKA the oil bloom has one ugly ending

solar panels and wind turbines and new skyscraper farms, or the future aint pretty,

or... existent

i feel safe behind my laptop and television and suburbia etc

its only a burning world through a crystal screen, the reality i experience is nothing like this

so, how many other good, decent, and thoughtful people want to take a stand???

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Way ahead of ya, but thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


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