Dear Think Atheist Community,
Here at TA, we have two primary goals. The first is to break misconceptions about atheism in general, and the second is to create a little corner in cyberspace where we can socialize.

Behavior of late has run contrary to these two objectives.

Discussions and debates have decayed into personal attacks. Some have been shut down entirely, and that is a pity. If communication stops, so does the exchange of ideas. When we throw off the chains of superstition and magic, we adopt the mindset of rational, logical adults. Please have a look at the guidelines page if you need a reminder. Please step away from your computer if your temper is going to get the better of you. If someone born into a religious home were to come here to explore their doubts, is this really the kind of welcome we want to send? I'm sure it resembles something very close to "The Angry Atheists" among other stereotypes we are attempting to shatter.

Discussions get heated. That is a fact of life, but we are fortunate enough to have delayed-response technology. Posting online isn't the same as having a verbal discussion. There is no tone of voice to convey sarcasm, gentle chiding or teasing. Each letter you type is black and white. This is a difficulty. However, we have the ability to read a post, step away from the computer and calm down before replying. This is a major benefit.
If you ever fear that you are holding up a discussion, simply saying "I need to walk away right now. I'll respond when I've cooled down." is an incredibly mature, reasonable response. It is one worthy of admiration. it will also keep our little space in the internet respectful, friendly and most
No one will participate in an online forum that is nasty. No one will feel a sense of community unless a community is nurtured. Passionate debates are welcomed, but respectful exchange is mandatory. If you can't perform the second, then maybe this isn't the place for you. Please consider this message as the week unfolds. Remember that we have enough conflict set against us in the real world that we don't need it here.
Debate the idea, not the debater.

Thank you for your time,
TA Moderators.

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Ok. I stand corrected, Mr. Neal M :)

And to reiterate something you've mentioned before, would you be interested in any ideas or possibly starting a discussion post on the very egregiously unjust issue of the wrongly imprisoned men and how our system really does have problems with wrongful convictions? It is, IMHO, an extremely important social justice issue that should be on the radar of secular humanists/atheists.
Either you prove I deliberately posted fraudulent claims and wrong or deceptive information with source links or full and complete citations in text to back up your repeated malicious accusations and outright lying by saying I'm spreading misinformation or shut up, and get yourself an attorney — because you will need one, I promise you that!

Don't worry, I will put it all together and expose you. It will take time. With the promotion I received at work, I am now essentially doing two jobs until the person hired to take my old position begins his employment. So, I am very busy at the moment. But rest assured, I will put together something compelling. And it won't rely on hearsay, emotional pleading, begging for sympathy, or playing the victim card. You have left quite a lot of rope to hang yourself with.

And JSH, I do have a lawyer. And I have several friends that are lawyers. Your threats are empty. But you promised, so don't go vindicating my words by breaking that promise!
No, because I was defending myself from yours and Reggie's malicious personal attacks and harassment of me.
I also love it that she relates about her grown up talk with another author....the same author she called a "gasbag" in their "adult" conversation.

Reggie: Why don't you post the link to that conversation so that readers can see for themselves exactly what was said verbatim and by whom and in which order, OK? I did not call dude a gasbag, I said anyone can be a gasbag after he initially insulted me (which he later apologized for and which I accepted) because he was miffed that I wrote a book and a post supporting an opposite view and thesis to his book and view. I challenged his posts here, I did NOT cast dispersion on his book which I have not yet read nor did I cast dispersions on his credibility as an author (unlike what you have done against me). You do understand the difference, correct?

So go ahead Reggie, post the link to that discussion. And let readers here read it if they want to and draw their own conclusions. I have no doubt that everyone else here is capable of thinking for themselves without having you tell them what to think, OK.
Don't worry, I will. I will come back with a lot of links. Patience, my dear. Roe V Wade wasn't decided in a day. But while I am working on that....

"I did NOT cast dispersion on his book which I have not yet read nor did I cast dispersions on his credibility as an author (unlike what you have done against me)."

Please look up where I ever said anything about your credibility as an author. Or are you spreading more misinformation? Tsk, tsk.
You said I "deliberately posted misinformation" and you called me an "idiot" and a "liar" several times (not, you fucked up on fact XYZ and here's proof that you erred/used a faulty source, etc.) and you persisted on harassing me. But I guess since you managed to bully and run Ralph McRae off the site, you decided it was my turn next. Is that about right? (you know it is)

And since you refused to post the link to the discussion comment post you only told a partial truth about, I will post the link here for you, OK:
And since you refused to post the link to the discussion comment post you only told a partial truth about, I will post the link here for you, OK

Oh! The slanderous libel! Woe is me! You have ruined me!

Look, I have told you already; I am busy working! Why do you continue to lie and spread misinformation? I'll post links when I get a chance. It may take a day or two to comb through because I am busy. Patience, my hysterical friend, patience.

If you need something to occupy yourself until then, please post the link that shows me refusing to post links. I can't wait to see it. Or will I have to wait for the trial?
Reggie, Jacqueline,

Let it go. Further antagonistic behavior on anyone's part will not make things better.

Furthermore, Dan's post (posted several hours before either of your responses) clearly said enough with the he said, she said back and forth.

There is a problem between you two, yes. It needs to be resolved in a fair and equitable manner, yes. The mods (sans Reggie, as he is an involved party) are working on it. Escalating things further will not speed things up. If you have information that you feel need to be taken into account, please PM one of the mods so we can be made aware of it.
That is funny, Ralph. I say that as a member, not a mod. I find your fantasies amusing. And I hope you do stick around. I will resign my mod status in order to heckle your delusions. Maybe then you'll have to defend your positions instead of playing the oppression card.
You know me so well. :-)
You better not! Respect me (or don't) for my words, not the extra buttons that adorn my T|A screen. Although, I bet you'd think these extra buttons were neato torpedo.
Enough Already!

I'm tired of the he said she said crap. It's an INTERNET FORUM!

If this crap continues I'm going to start suspending <----THAT IS THE ONLY WARNING.

Grow up and take it on the chin. If People don't like how we run the site no one is forcing ANYONE to stay.

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