Dear Think Atheist Community,
Here at TA, we have two primary goals. The first is to break misconceptions about atheism in general, and the second is to create a little corner in cyberspace where we can socialize.

Behavior of late has run contrary to these two objectives.

Discussions and debates have decayed into personal attacks. Some have been shut down entirely, and that is a pity. If communication stops, so does the exchange of ideas. When we throw off the chains of superstition and magic, we adopt the mindset of rational, logical adults. Please have a look at the guidelines page if you need a reminder. Please step away from your computer if your temper is going to get the better of you. If someone born into a religious home were to come here to explore their doubts, is this really the kind of welcome we want to send? I'm sure it resembles something very close to "The Angry Atheists" among other stereotypes we are attempting to shatter.

Discussions get heated. That is a fact of life, but we are fortunate enough to have delayed-response technology. Posting online isn't the same as having a verbal discussion. There is no tone of voice to convey sarcasm, gentle chiding or teasing. Each letter you type is black and white. This is a difficulty. However, we have the ability to read a post, step away from the computer and calm down before replying. This is a major benefit.
If you ever fear that you are holding up a discussion, simply saying "I need to walk away right now. I'll respond when I've cooled down." is an incredibly mature, reasonable response. It is one worthy of admiration. it will also keep our little space in the internet respectful, friendly and most
No one will participate in an online forum that is nasty. No one will feel a sense of community unless a community is nurtured. Passionate debates are welcomed, but respectful exchange is mandatory. If you can't perform the second, then maybe this isn't the place for you. Please consider this message as the week unfolds. Remember that we have enough conflict set against us in the real world that we don't need it here.
Debate the idea, not the debater.

Thank you for your time,
TA Moderators.

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LOL, just kidding. Sorry, couldn't resist doing that! Really though, I haven't noticed this problem and I'm sorry to hear about it. T|A is a nice intelligent place most of the time.
galen very very funny man, nice one.

Now being paranoid i fear the worst man. If its nnot me then i am not aware of seeing anything untoward,

I confess that I may be somewhat guilty here. In an effort to demonstrate the pointlessness of emotive-fury and the enlightening capacity of deliberation during one discussion, I used some of the poor-language and communication skills that was being advocated in a particular thread - just to serve as a contrast to an information-dense commentary.

I often try to convince others that the very moment one resorts to vulgar language and insults is the very moment that one 'shows their loosing-hand' and confesses before their adversary that they are out of ammunition and that they lack both the cognitive fortitude and emotional control to defend an ideal through challenging times and people. Although cursing and vitriol are superficially presented as in-your-face aggression and might, they're better described as a 'front' and as symptoms of impotence and frustration.

Demonstrate that you're on your game by keeping your cool while letting your opponent kick-and-scream like a frustrated baby or insecure bully. I'll apologize to the community for employing such a tactic to make my point. I certainly could have achieved it just-as-effectively through other means. Beyond being remorseful, I'll commit to not doing that again.
i will also explain myself here.

I dont wait till the end of a conversation to fuck and cunt, i do so throughout the argument.

I'm a newcomer here. I have been visiting this wonderful site everyday for the past month or so. I haven't seen any severe conflict, which is one of the reasons why I became a member. Yes, it took me a month to decide... lol. I've never joined any groups, but I felt I needed to. It's nice to know that I've found a group that can have mature discussions.
I've kept my non-belief to myself for a very long time and needed a place to feel accepted, for once.
Thank you for making it comfortable! :)
right man, spill the beans on thee closed thread, even before seeing thread and commenting I am sure we all know or can google some good power quotes

Abraham Lincoln:
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power

William Shakespeare:

O, it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.

William Pitt, the Elder, The Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778,

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"

in no way is this aimed at the lovely misty but we should all be aware the changes that having the slightest bit of power can have on each individual. I work mwith elderly people with varied forms of dementia, now power can run riot here, however thankfully that has not been a problem with me, I treat each individual as such with individual likes and dislikes untill such times as the person moves on or sadly passes away.

Now the problem with power comes for me in trainging new memebrs of staff and students looking for a career iin caring. I have to remind myself each day that I am passing on what I believe is good solid pratcice based on theory and not what I think best or whats best for me.

Its only a wee example but an example where power can be abused.

Yes Neal... that's exactly what we are saying /sarcasm.

It turned into a free for all, and once one of the moderators(that wasn't involved in the convo) found out it was handled. We as moderators will abstain from moderating a thread we are actively involved in.

We are all human, even us mods, and sometimes our passions and emotions get away from us when we feel strongly about something, or feel challenged. Everyone involved has been messaged and the general explanation from them is exactly as stated above.

No hard feeling, and no suspensions.

The thread was closed to let emotions cool before it got too out of hand. It can be easily reopened at a later date.
Yes Neal... that's exactly what we are saying /sarcasm.

laughs out loud, thats twice I have laughed out loud at your stuff, pat on the back man.

We are all human, even us mods, and sometimes our passions and emotions get away from us when we feel strongly about something, or feel challenged. Everyone involved has been messaged and the general explanation from them is exactly as stated above.

I was RD forums and chat( chat closed long ago) for a good while, if the mods there were half as honest as you, i would not have left. another pat on the back man.

thats enough arse licking for me for a while then and I was not even involved

keep safe
Never hurts to be reminded. :)
Forum moderator, a person given special powers to enforce the rules on an Internet forum or newsgroup
That is why we are into every discussion. IT'S OUR JOB.
A total of 20(not all active) moderate a community of over 4300 people. We deal with everything from spam to tutorials to bickering between members.

Out of those 4300 member only a VERY SMALL percentage have complained about how we manage the site.

We DO NOT operate like other site and close thread because a moderator "friend" asks we have lengthy discussions about it before any action is taken. There is NO favoritism.

No one is forcing anyone to stay here. We would like for everyone to get along, but as with "real life" that's in not going to happen. There will always be arguments, the tricky part is to know how to handle them in an ADULT Manner.

If you need to discuss this further feel free to pm me.

They are not anonymous. They are all listed here under the members tab at the top of the page.


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