I am a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church. Like the vast majority of members of that sordid organization I was born into a strict Roman Catholic family, baptized when a baby, and from that moment dragged kicking and screaming to Mass every Sunday and suffered 12 years under the Jesuit Priests. I was told I have to believe OR ELSE. I was too scared to question the doctrine of the Holy Trinity which I found stupid. The Jesuits used a thick leather strap to "encourage" you to believe. I put up with religion and going to Mass for the sake of my family. Admittedly I did enjoy and organ and did learn to play the organ but avoided becoming a full time church organist.

At school I did Physics and Chemistry and taught myself Astronomy. The most painful subject was religion. Interestingly enough we did not study all the bible, just Genesis and Exodus and straight onto the New Testament. DIdn't worry me Genesis and Exodus were stupid enough. When I was about 30 I finally plucked up enough courage to make the great announcement that I had had it with religion and will now be Atheist. Fortunately my parents accepted that.

So for the last 35 years or so I have lived in peace and solitutude knowing there is no "god" up there watching everything I do and no heaven or hell to worry about. Since getting the internet I have been able to access all the information I need to research the begining of religion, especially judeo/Chrristianity. It is quite obvious that it began with Egyptology and the Babylonian myths. It all started to make sense. I decided to buy a bible to read the rest of the Old Testament to see what all the bullshit is all about. I got the NIV Study Bible because I know it had a lot of comments and references. Many comments pointed to mistranslations in the bible and so many contradictions. I now know why the Roman Catholic Church steers clear of the OT: all the genocidal slaughter inflicted by the Hebrews on their alleged enemies on the orders of "The Lord their God". I got so sick of that I had the greatest pleasure in tearing up that bible.

I know enough to argue Christ out of any Christian. I met the local Church Minister, a nice chap even when I told him I am Atheist. He did not really know that much about Christianity: I suppose enough to get away with being a minister and drawing his stipend.

My patron saint is "His Holiness" Dave Allen, the late Irish commedian who used to take the mickey out of the Church. He did claim he was paid by the Vatican, the No. 2 account.

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Heya Robert, welcome to the site!
Welcome, welcome!
Welcome to Think Atheist Robert! ;D
Actually I found it kind of funny that you tore up a bible... so did I... sort of. I was "given" a Bible by my church when I was in the 3rd grade as a "reward for my accomplishments" in Sunday School. [Well actually my entire class, which was larger then and shrank dramatically over the next 9 years, was lined up and handed a red-leather "young readers" bible with no nonsense and no one daring to complain as we were in front of the entire congregation.] Well, I read that bible over and over and became convinced that I was a "sinner who was unworthy of Christs love." And, true to the "self-mutilating" rituals of extreme religion, I would find minor ways to injure myself as a child to "purify my contaminated soul." So, well, right before I came out as atheist, and about a year before I found this site, I got so angry that I had been BETRAYED by my parents and my church, that I ripped the covers and several pages out of that "gift bible."

But anyhow, sorry for side-tracking, Welcome to Think Atheist! You'll find a lot of like minded people here! ;D
Matthew. I suppose the Holey Babble made your more sick every time you read it.

Dave Allen. He is understood better if you have been a Roman Catholic and with Irish Ancestry. It makes it easier to understand the In-jokes.

"May your God go with you"
Welcome, Oh so well said.
I was actually talking about Dave Allen the other day. A great commedian.
I never felt i believed in a god from a very early age, and never believed in a jewish religion as I felt it separated ever one and I always wondered why there were so many.
Because nobody could agree on whose Religion was the true Religion, which is why the Protestant Churches broke away from the Roman Catholic Church beginning I suppose with Martin Luther who got excommunicated by the Pope because he disagreed with Church teaching.
It began long before Martin Luther, the original founding of the Catholic Church was as much about integrating (and eradicating) different versions of the 'True Religion' as anything else.
A warm welcome from Glasgoow Scotland.
Wow. I'm suddenly getting a thrill at the sight of a torn up Bible.


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