A new low for the GOP. 


From CNN:

Senate Democrats failed Thursday to win a procedural vote to open debate on a bill that would provide medical benefits and compensation for emergency workers who were first on the scene of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.



Republicans complained that the $7.4 billion price tag was too high, while Democrats said the government had an obligation to help the first responders to the deadliest terrorism attack in U.S. history.



The James Zadroga 9/11 Health Bill -- named after a deceased New York Police Department detective who had worked in the toxic plume at ground zero -- seeks to provide free medical coverage for responders and survivors who were exposed to toxins after the attacks.



New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reacted to Thursday's result by calling it "a tragic example of partisan politics trumping patriotism."




I had begun to think that the GOP could not surprise me anymore.  I stand corrected.


Trillions of dollars is fine for two wars and killing tens of thousands. But a few billion for healthcare for first responders to 9/11 is too much? I thought these fuckers were pro-life.

Do you think they will see any backlash from conservatives, or are they all too brainwashed?

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Well, CNN rather vaguely reports that the Republican complaint is that it is too costly.  So, I have no idea.  If only we had journalism in our news these days, we might see an in depth and objective analysis of the situation.

They are like Robin Hood, only in reverse.

Even if the tax deal becomes law, Republicans may not budge. One of the bill's critics, Sen. Mike Enzi (R., Wyo.), has said it could be subject to fraud or abuse, and many Republicans dislike the tax on foreign corporations that would pay for the measure, saying such taxes would hurt job creation.


That is just like the Republicans these days.  Make sure everyone (but them) suffers so they can be assured that no one is receiving an undeserved nickel.

Pro-life.. that's only until you are born. Then it's no science research, no care, send you off in the military for corporate war, pro death penalty even for having marijuana seeds, pro death penalty for anything... eh Texas? 

Pro-life...gestationally speaking.  After that, you get what you deserve, whether it be riches or cancer.  Unless I get cancer instead of you.  Then it is a grave injustice.

Republican Motto: I got mine screw everyone else.

Yep.  The Just World Fallacy.

Tax Cuts for the Rich sounds like a better idea to me!

If there was a Republican in the White House, this bill would have no trouble getting passed.

Consider the corporate bailouts at the end of Bush's presidency. Everyone said how necessary they were. Now that Obama is in office, Republicans are railing against them.

Yeah, they did a good job of vilifying something that they began and was necessary for rescuing the American (and global) economy from completely imploding. 


I have come to loathe politics, yet I can't stay away from it.

I'm not sure whether it was necessary or not. The only word I have to go on is that of the big wigs, and I distrust them, inherently.


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