Chicago instituted strict gun control laws and the murder rate went up

I think it's safe to say that almost none of the shooters were people who'd give up their guns willingly. Guns are part of their lifestyle, as much a part of their everyday life as backyard barbecues.

The most heartbreaking of the murders was a 7 y/o boy who took a bullet intended for his gangster father who, BTW, is NOT cooperating with the police investigation. Obviously, he's thinking of reprisal rather than state justice.

Chicago police confiscated about one gun per hour over the July 4th weekend, the police force was boosted by 1/3 over the weekend, and yet 9 dead and 46 wounded (which, BTW, is better than the toll last year). 
Most of the confiscated weapons were taken in "stop and frisk" activities, and many of the same people who want the police to do something about Chicago gun crime will decry stop and frisk as unconstitutional (which it may be, BTW). 

The police commissioner in Chicago says that gun laws and gun confiscations aren't helping. He says that what's needed is a more responsive justice system. In other words, more convictions and longer prison terms. (This in a society that already has more people in prison than any other country in the world.) He also said that basically the public needs to take more responsibility and not depend solely on police. In other words, dropping a lot of dimes on gangsters and drug dealers.

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I agree.  If I thought that taking guns away would solve the problem I would be all for it.  My concern is that only the legal guns would be taken leaving the worst criminals armed and the innocent civilians would become open targets.  I also agree that even if you took all of the guns away, the violent people would just find another weapon.  We live in a very violent society and until we figure out a way to deal with that problem anything else is just putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. Why is it that no one wants to address the real problem? 


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