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Karen, religion  and a promise of immortality -- perhaps with 70 virgins (who might be males) -- did move a few people to fly into buildings.

Rather than repeat another's words, what do you feel and think about the event and what preceded it?

I don't like what a few people did that day but I have followed America's foreign policy since the 1950s when America started overthrowing elected governments: Iran, Guatemala, Chile, and more.

The policy included giving money and military weapons to anti-communist rulers, especially in oil-producing nations, with no concern for whether they brutalized their people.

Millions of people throughout the world had, and still have, reason to want to strike back.

Ye Gods! A rational commentary on the issue!  I must pinch myself to see if I am dreaming.


Ok, this is really happening.  

You speak the truth.  If I am honest and put myself in the shoes of a citizen of any one of the countries you mentioned and grew up knowing that the brutal regime under which I lived was in charge only because of the United States I would hate the citizens of the US, not for their "freedom" but for their complicity in their governments support of the regime that is making my life hell.  

The problem is hating someone is one thing.  I've had a few folks I hated in my younger days; one advantage of age is perspective and a realization that hatred takes too much energy, however I never got to the point of driving a car into their house or poisoning their water supply.  Not only because it would have gotten me in a world of trouble but because I have s sense of right and wrong and no matter what imagined or real slights they had done me it didn't justify that level of reaction. 

It takes a screwy view of the universe to be able to do horrible things.  Nobody thinks they are the bad guy.  Even Pol Pot thought he was doing good.  All the people who had to die were in the way of his idea of progress.  The people who flew those planes into the buildings didn't think they were evil, they saw themselves as fighting for their cause, they were able to justify their actions and see the thousands of people who would die as the "bad guys" because of their world view.  

Now where could such a twisted world view come from...  Hmm...  Could it be their twisted interpretation of their holy book?  Could the fact that their holy men have preached hatred of Americans to them for their whole lives have something to do with it?

It's one thing to have hate for a group of people, plenty of racists in this country have that kind of irrational hate they grew up absorbing from their families.  However very few develop the kind of active hatred to do horrible things.  They have to be excused from the normal morality that keeps society working.  

Religion gives them their excuse to do horrible things.  The hatred is a part of the equation, but religion is a part as well.  Without both the horrible things cant happen.  So the overly simplified line of "Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings" works.  Science is about rational thought, rational thought makes hatred of an entire group more difficult.  Rational thought is the enemy of racism and nationalism.


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