I just seen one of the most dumbfounding articles that I've ever read in my life. As the title says the article is '6 reasons not to send you're daughter to college'. 

There reason I'm posting is to show you guys and also just to ask how you think you could actually argue against someone who is as, for lack of a better word, misguided and illogical as this. I was just thinking how I would respond if someone approached me with this stance and all I can think of is, well, more along the lines of insulting them and telling them where to go, instead of actually trying to argue... 

I'd love to know what you guys would do if it ever happened! 

Here's the link, but be prepared, you might lose a lot of brain cells by reading it... 


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That was kinda, sorta the general idea --*>:) devil

You guys go ahead, I'll stay here and gain nourishment from the "holy rage" the xians will spew.  hehehe

I'm GAME!!!

Just for giggles, go to their homepage and check out the titles of the various articles they offer, to "fix" your family - the one entitled, "Feminist Lies" is a hoot! And I'm not one to use "hoot" loosely --

Anybody notice the symbol they use? This was the Roman symbol, symbolizing Christianity, that the Emperor Constantine, when he was only a General, had his troops paint on all of their shields before they went into battle with the Germanic "Barbarians," in the second century. The Romans won, and that fact convinced Constantine that the god of the Christians was the true god. As most know, when Constantine became Emperor of Rome, he made Christianity the official Roman religion, and was responsible for having the various biblical works compiled into a single book, the Bible.

Interestingly, Constantine himself didn't become baptized until he was in old age, as he felt that this "washing away your sins" thing was a one-time deal, and he had a lot of murdering to get out of the way first. Busy, busy, busy --

Nit:  I think you meant fourth century.  Otherwise spot on.

I've seen arguments that the cross we know and "love" today wasn't a Christian symbol until centuries after the fact, that the text in the original Greek says Jebus was put on a stake (stavros).  (My interlineal confirms the word "stavros/σταυρωσ" is in fact the word that forms the root of words having to do with crucifixion.  However, apparently according to google translate that is not the word for stake!)

No nit, you're right - I'm used to counting backward for BCE, CE sometimes throws me. Talk about living in the past! My idiot, Red-Neck son-in-law still holds that the new millennium began in 2000, rather than, as everyone but him and his ilk knows, it started in 2001, 2000 having been the last year of the previous millennium, but then he has to take off his shoes to count past ten. I've tried explaining that "ten" is the last year of a decade, "100" the last year of a century, and it follows, as the night, the day, that "1000" would be the last year of a millennium, but it's like talking to a bag of rocks.

Actually, I believe we're both wro not entirely correct, each by a century - although Constantine became Emperor early in the 4th century, in 306, the battle he fought during which he adopted the symbol, took place earlier, in the late 3rd century, while he was still a General assigned to the Western Empire.

I, too, have seen "stake" used in a number of sources.

The stupid and bigotry both hurt.


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