Hi, fellow non-believers!

Tidewater Atheist Group (TAG) is planning a picnic on June 21st to celebrate the 5th Annual Atheist Solidarity Day.  This is a world-wide event.  We're inviting all atheists and agnostics in the Hampton Roads area to our picnic/pot luck at the Chesapeake City Park, starting at noon and ending at 7 PM.  We'll be in Shelter 1, which is at the far end of the parking lot where the Ranger Station and the Fun Forest are.  Raise your awareness, show support for atheists who are persecuted around the world, get to know your fellow non-believers, and show the world that atheists are just like everyone else. 

We plan to have a banner that identifies us as Tidewater Atheists Group.  This is our chance to shine before the world as everyday, ordinary people!  Members of the press will be invited (one condition will be that they not print photographs or identify us unless they have our explicit permission).  Note that they are supposed to have a photographer's release for you to sign if you ask for it -- this allows them to photograph your face and identify you in the published photograph.  We will also have name tags that are voluntary to wear and brochures to hand out to the curious.

Because we have to rent the shelter, we're asking people to voluntarily pay $5 per individual, or $10 per family.  This will cover not only the shelter, but also the plates, cups, napkins, condiments, ice, and charcoal and lighter that we will provide.

Here's what you need to bring:

  --  Food for you and your family, and utensils to cook it with
  --  Beverages for you and your family (alcohol is allowed)
  --  A side dish or dessert to share with everyone (optional)
  --  Sun screen
  --  Insect repellant
  --  Lawn chairs (if we have a large turnout, the picnic tables won't seat everybody)

We're gonna start at 1:00 and go all afternoon into the evening.  If you want to read about Chesapeake City Park's attractions, go to http://CityOfChesapeake.net/page2997.aspx

Note that there is a dog park at this park, and you are welcome to bring your dog(s).  All dogs must be kept on the leash except when they are in the dog park.  IMPORTANT:  You must become a "member" to take your dog into the dog park.  Go to http://CityOfChesapeake.net/Assets/documents/departments/parks_rec/... to see the whole scoop about bringing your dog.  This will cost you a little money (cash or check only), and you must be prepared to show city license and proof of all four vaccinations!  Caveats:  The dog park is not near our shelter;  you'll probably want to drive to it.  Bring lawn chairs or blankets so you can sit and watch your dogs.  Bring water for your dogs!!!  Extra caveat:  If your dog becomes a nuisance while it's in our shelter's immediate vicinity, we will ask you to put your dog in the car or leave, depending on the temperatures that day.

There is also a skateboard park, right next to the dog park.  And, as stated earlier, we're just down the parking lot from the children's Fun Forest.  We'll have cornhole boards and bags in our area - if enough people are interested, maybe we'll have a contest.  We will also provide Frisbees, a football, volleyball set, horseshoes, badminton set, and a few other things that sound fun.

We look forward to seeing you at this first TAG picnic of 2014!

For a description of how this holiday came to be and is celebrated elsewhere, go to http://AtheistNexus.org/group/atheistsolidarityAtheist Solidarity Day is celebrated on World Humanist Day.

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