★★ [4.3 SECOND conversion] ★★: CONVERT religious to atheist, in roughly 4.3 seconds

Simply say to theist:

(1) They don't observe themselves as omniscient.
(2) They want to absolutely believe that God exists. (Probably impossible, due to (1), ie: they lack absolute awareness, thereafter unable to determine whether or not truth/absoluteness exists)
(3) They don't probably believe that God exists. (ie: they don't want to possess probabilistic belief in the existence of God)

So, they possess zero degrees of belief in God.

Lack of belief in God, is atheism.

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In other words, Dr. Bob, your faith/belief (or whatever synonym you select) is reduced to probabilistic expression :)

I'd say that absolutely, I believe in God.

You seem to be mired in semantic games, and I think you're confusing yourself.

Cults can depend largely on how their founder plays that game. It confounds verbal interaction with other, more typical users of the language, making itself seem more special.

"Cults" makes it sound so negative.

This is true of every human school of thought.   Groups and communities that form around ideas adopt a technical language for those ideas.  "Terms of art" differ in their meaning from the colloquial use of the expressions in every community.

That's true for lawyers and doctors and different scientific disciplines.  It's true of the military and pilots and mariners.  On and on... 

Aha, true. I need another word for "pernicious/pathological cult", but use it more thoughtfully.

@Dr Bob

So, you:

(1) Are not-omniscient of any event; (uncertainty principle), thusly not able to measure/observe any absolutes.

and at the same time, ironically,

(2) Absolutely believe in God.

Don't you detect the contradiction above? Or is making money in the church of larger importance?

No, I said that I can say absolutely that I believe in God ;-)/

I can comment with some degree of confidence on my own mental state.  My own mental state is a belief in God.  

Belief is belief, it's not absolute.  

Not sure where making money comes in.  I make my money by teaching and doing research at a public university.  I don't make any money from my church.  Quite the opposite!

You are not omniscient of any event (as far as science goes, and as you probably would observe)

Since you aren't omniscient, as science does not account for absolutes, you don't know whether absolutes are possible.

So the statement 'absolute' belief in X is silly, as you know not whether absolutes are possible, ie you are not omniscient of any event.

It's 100% true that Dr Bob believes in God. 

Dr Bob does not 100% believe in God. 

Am I correct? 

I tend to avoid words such as correct, or other words that feign absoluteness/completeness.

Anyway, if the degree of true specified is probabilistic, then Dr. Bob believes. Otherwise no.


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