Be sure to vote, I am curious where most atheists stand on this issue.

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LOL.... I have an appendage extension... It's called a Harley Davidson Motorcycle...

@Noel - That's the thing Noel - a guy may think the gun is an appendage extender, but the Harley owner will win a girl over every time :)

If you say so.


Nice bike! Probably a nice guy too. That whole prejudging thing how's that working our for you on the Internet?

That's actually me...I'm hitting on Suzanne. :D

Show me a physically, mentally, and verbally abusive pathological liar and sociopath, and I'll show you a guy with a date on Saturday night (especially if he rides a Harley).

I have a date this Thursday (and no Harley). I am a one sick bastard.

For a minute there I was thinking you were referring to politicians, but then you had to go and throw in "rides a Harley."

Ah the Internet. Something about the size of a mans gonads and the speed of his broadband connection.

I hear about so called "Smart guns", I wonder if we are smart enough to handle them.


"Triggersmart’s RFID system “can create safe zones in certain areas such as schools, where smart guns coming into the area will be disabled remotely” through Wide Area Control (WAC), according to the company’s website"

Imagine being in a school that some nut job starts shooting and all we have is "smart guns" that refuse to take the prep down and there is nothing we can do about it.

Talk about the other edge of the sword being sharper than the other when safety is a delusion.

I'd like to see more R&D in the less-then-lethal bullet category.

The good thing about defense guns is that they level the field.  A 270 lb. man doesn't have as much advantage over a 110 lb. woman when she is armed.

The bad thing is bullets are designed to be lethal.


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