Be sure to vote, I am curious where most atheists stand on this issue.

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"Some seem" meaning like our views on religion and other subjects outside our group is too far away from my own opinions of things. I didn't mean to imply that people here give me a headache - just to be clear.

@ Warren E Jappe;

LOL sometimes I give me a headache. :)  I can't imagine how many migraines I have caused. LOL


I do agree, we all live in our own little bubbles, floating  in the comfort of our opinions. Every once in a while I get a glimpse of what lies just outside my bubble and my bubble grows a tiny bit.

I believe in the right to arm bears!!

Another unbearably cute pictorial contribution from Strega

You know you love me

I think I saw those bears in the forest last week...they were setting fires. :)

Or shitting.

@Gregg R Thjomas- I am really pleased you are interested in our Indigenous peoples.

Australia has a very black, disgraceful, horrendous history of its treatment of arguably the oldest peoples on the planet. When the English invaded, about 750,000 Indigenous peoples were spread in small groups all over the island. There were many who were murdered, but more died from smallpox, syphilis and the flu. if the Indigenous people also had guns, they would have all been killed.

The English could transport in as many people as were needed to get rid of these native peoples, and the English also had ex convicts ready to kill to please the English, and get pardoned. The Indiginous peoples would not have had a chance, and would have been completely annihilated - the oldest group of peoples on the planet would have been wiped out - so it was a very good thing they didn't have guns. And then there is alcohol, supplied by white men.

But just don't read up on the bad things that are happening to Aboriginals, read also about the good, read about how many authors there are, how many are now going to University, how many TV shows are being written and produced by Aboriginals, how they have their own TV channel, and how much they sell their paintings to, and to whom.

But nothing excuses the invasion, the killing, the taking away of land.

How many law abiding citizens have committed mass killings?

The biggy was a farm lad, who should have been in a mental institute. He killed 23 people - that is when the buy back came into being, Probably the only time any government had the balls to do something for the people, for a change, and take away easy access to guns.

Certainly, there are gangs here, and they really like shooting each other, turf and drug wars. Does not concern the average citizen.

2nd Amendment and the 'right' to bear arms, is like religion. It is a mind frame, it is a culture, it is indoctrination, and it is fear.

I don't expect to change a xians mind, and I don't expect to change a gun advocate's mind.

I really like going to a movie, without the thought that we might get shot, or send my kids to school, and not get shot, or go to watch a kids game of sport, and not get shot. That is a really nice place to be, without fear.

And to read people argue over what a comma , means, doesn't man, could mean or might possibly mean - is a hoot. It is just like the bible, put your own spin on it.

It is all good :)

So, with the guys who need the extension to their appendage, and whose beloved 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct, that's fine - keep your guns - over there.

We seem to need more men like Noel - who obviously doesn't need an appendage extension.

It's good to know that Noel will have a place to stay when he comes to visit you in Australia.  Please don't make him sleep with Satan and Lucifer.

Stay Armed, Stay Free.

(oops my bad, I forgot, you have already been disarmed.)

the guys who need the extension to their appendage

Ugh, armchair psychology used as a childish insult. Just a pet peeve of mine.

@Gregg - Ya gotta get past my Rotweiller twins first - their names are Satan and Lucifer.


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