Be sure to vote, I am curious where most atheists stand on this issue.

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Am I correct in assuming that you wish to have these handguns for self-defence in your home?

If so, while I respect your right to feel safe - especially in one's own home - you'd probably be poorly served by a gun in most home invasion scenarios. One of your kitchen knives would, in all likelihood, be a better choice.

Point: How does one tell the difference - at the gun shop - between a law-abiding citizen and a criminal?

Point: What obligations do the police have, if not to protect the citizenry?

That is kind of the point I am making.

Matt, this is all I can really say in response:

I have a friend (an actor) who worked with him recently (Cowboys & Aliens). Does that count? :p

Because a market place on a movie set is EXACTLY the same as your kitchen. :P

Yes, I get it - and I also think many guns are a fantastic melding of both form and function. Don't get me wrong - I like guns. They're sexy, loud and are a blast to shoot (no pun intended). I'm also in favour of responsible gun ownership.

However - when you are in a violent confrontation with someone within the confines of a house, blood pounding in your ears, adrenaline making your hands shake, plus the quite real possibility that it will be at night and thus poorly lit, a "fuck-off-big shiny" knife is a better force multiplier than a handgun. Years of training and practice can offset these factors, though, if you were willing to put in the time.

Matt, does "blood pounding in your ears, adrenaline making your hands shake" describe you?

"you'd probably be poorly served by a gun in most home invasion scenarios. One of your kitchen knives would, in all likelihood, be a better choice."

I am not a fan of bringing a knife to a gun fight. Or even suggesting a female should engage a male intruder in hand to hand combat. A firearm allows you to maintain your "comfort zone."

I always wonder about people who feel they need a gun to protect life and limb, in case of a home invasion, for example. If that is the real reason they need a gun, do they also have a home defibrillator? I ask because someone having a heart attack in the home is a far more likely event than a home invasion.

Wouldn't that depend on your location and health? Where I live, and with my good health, I'm much more likely to experience a home invasion. If I had a heart condition I might invest in a home defibrilator, just as I would have an EpiPen on hand if I had severe allergies.

No, one can not plan for every scenario, but using the whole country (or world) to come up with odds doesn't work either.

Why do you assume a defribrillator would only be useful based on your own health? You might have a guest or visitor who has a heart attack. One has a first aid kit primarily for oneself, I suppose, but also to handle any situations that happen in or near the home whether or not they benefit just oneself.

I haven't assumed anything. I'm speaking of my entire family. Any one of us is more likely to be intruded upon (where we live) than have a heart attack. And if anyone comes to my house they can bring their own defibrilator if they have a heart condition. :)

Like i said, we can't plan for everything, but if I move to Florida I'm not going to say I don't need hurricaine insurance because the people in Canada aren't likely to get hit by one.

Oh, are home invasions fairly common now where you live. Tell me where that is so I can avoid living there.


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