Hey everyone!

Since last year's calendars were such a success, we'd like to do them again this year. This time, however, we're doing a montage of all photos that are submitted for each month (provided enough photos are submitted, and they meet the requirements). This is just a preliminary discussion thread, so feel free to share your ideas on what you'd like to see! We would just love some feedback on them for now.



Here is a small sample of last years calendar.

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LOL, you said it with more aplomb than I tried to do! I would not buy it either. Now if T|A were publishing a day/week planner with one quote per page, NO images, no fluff, I'd consider it :)
If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you want a calendar with just art and quotes then make one and sell it yourself. I said I wanted a quote/fact daily calendar for my desk, but it doesn't seem to be something that caught on. The amount of range you've spewed in the discussion is uncalled for.

I think Starbucks is for people who can't stand the taste of real coffee, but want to pretend to be part of the "sofisticated" coffee crowd. After living in Europe for a few years, Starbucks makes me sick to my stomach.

I think Snuggies are the epitomy of slovenly living.

You know how I let the makers of such things know I don't like them, I don't buy them! It's that simple, you voiced your opinion, but you went on to rant and rant spamming this discussion with your single opinion, and it is quite immature.
First off... Hi JeanMarie. I'm one of the people who submitted my picture. So am I hated now, or something?

Also, Frank... I would LOVE a daily quotes calendar. That has yet to catch on, but perhaps the creators of this site should consider it. I would love it.

I actually like Starbucks, but not because I want to be sophisticated (I'll join my European friends for coffee or go overseas for that :P)... I honestly can't stand the taste of plain coffee. When I make it at home I usually have flavored creamer (it's Pumpkin Spice for the season, although my favorite has always been Irish Cream) and about 6 or 7 little packs of sugar to sweeten it up. I need the caffeine, which is why I drink it. I do not go to Starbucks all that often (rarely, in fact), but I like the White Chocolate Mocha (Frappucino when it's hot, regular when it's cold). I also think people who scream and cry about the price of Starbucks coffee are stupid (especially when they cry about the price of just a plain old cup of coffee... why would you buy a plain old cup of coffee anywhere when you can make it at home for less than $0.25 a cup?).

Snuggies are stupid; I agree completely there.

And you're right. Don't like it, don't buy it. It's extremely simple. No need to go into some kind of prolonged, spammy rant...
what a leap, have no idea to help you with that one, as i don't know where you are coming from, at all.

A leap? You're the one who ranted about the idea of having the pictures and all those "skinny kids". Seeing as I'm one of those "skinny kids" (except I'm not skinny)...

i have just as much right to post my various opinions as you do. if you don't like mine, don't read them. It's extremely simple.

Wow... I never said you didn't have the right to post your opinions. But perhaps posting the same opinion (albeit worded differently) a dozen times might be just a tad overkill and perhaps just cross the line into spamming (or, at least, toeing that line)?

It's just a suggestion, or a question. Nothing more.

We're doing a montage this year. As long as people's photos fall within the parameters set forth, all pictures submitted will be included. They'll be arranged nicely as well. Did you see the last two calendar? Morgan Matthew put them together and they look very professional and appealing.
what's up with that strange range selection??? LOL
LOL my quibble is not the top an bottom but the interval... I never use member search...
JM... those were the people that submitted pics. Most people on this site are white. We can't help that. We try to attract other demographics, but it is certainly not our fault if no one unattractive or black or overweight submitted photos! EVERYONE has the opportunity to be in this calendar. We are NOT discriminating or only picking attractive people. We were focusing on OUR MEMBERS, who are no less valuable because they happen to be white/thin/attractive. ATHEISTS have to do with atheism.

You really have a tendency to see the worst in the intentions of Think Atheist. The mods take your words personally because we are the ones behind the curtain trying to make sure everything runs smoothly, that no one is being discriminated against or abused, trying to come up with fun ideas to make members feel involved, etc... Not even one of us is actively trying to censor or discriminate against people who do not match a certain look.

The job is not as easy as you might think. We have upwards of 6,000 members to try to make happy, but the fact is we CAN'T make everyone happy. Give us a little slack here. If you have ideas, please submit them! We LOVE when members get involved. If you have criticism, please give it... but constructively. Believe that we have the best intentions! ASK questions before assuming.
I've already talked to MM. We're going to see about doing a quotes-only calendar, and Monika is already on it. I'm sorry if I offended you. I really am. I hope you like what we come up with.
You are free to design your own calendar. If you don't like the T|A calendar, whether how it will actually be or how you imagine it will be, then don't buy it. You can make your own calendar with atheist quotes and no pictures. If you want, you can sell it and donate the profits to wherever or keep them for yourself.

Ranting on and on because it is not the type of calendar you prefer is absurd.

What's next? How dare we have the days of the week since they represent gods and that is not thinking atheist enough?

Last year we had this same damned problem with complaints about the calendar BEFORE it ever went to print. But afterwards, no one seemed to complain and there was positive feedback. Part of the charm for many is that T|A is special because of the members that comprise our community. Showcasing them as normal people is an excellent idea and denigrating the idea to hyperbolic examples of "immature kids" or "a young gal in black leather posing" is presumptuous and insulting.

I do agree that including atheist quotes is a good idea and one that I have advocated for. Multiple members regardless of gender on each month along with their favorite athesitic quotes would be fantastic, I think. Why something like this deserves so many posts fervently complaining about it is beyond my ability to grasp.
LOL frankly, I don't give calendars as gifts at all! Except for once, coupla years before my mom retired, I gave her a British made calendar of a bunch of happy old naked ladies. The calendar made an exceptionally beautiful visual statement, the pictures were a very high quality. But otherwise, nope, I think any calendar is relatively meaningless and a waste of money.
OH, i thought this WAS A THREAD to collect our thoughts on the calendar, is exactly why i am posting many many different aspects of the drawbacks of putting strangers posing 4 U on a calendar about thinking.

It is. But at what point can we just say "duly noted" and move on? These are matters of opinion and while you bring up some good points, you are belaboring these points with hyperbole and assumptions.

Maybe for 2012 we will abandon the featuring of T|A members, if for no other reason than to avoid the complaints that always precede publishing. Maybe we will have just quotes. Maybe people will complain about some quotes and how "antagonistic" or "insulting" they are to theists. We will never make every single person happy regarding the calendars.


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