Hey everyone!

Since last year's calendars were such a success, we'd like to do them again this year. This time, however, we're doing a montage of all photos that are submitted for each month (provided enough photos are submitted, and they meet the requirements). This is just a preliminary discussion thread, so feel free to share your ideas on what you'd like to see! We would just love some feedback on them for now.



Here is a small sample of last years calendar.

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I think the target market here is the Atheist that are on this site (correct me if I'm wrong I wasn't here last year). I surley can not see getting my christian mother in law or my mother for that matter an Atheist calendar. You can not please everyone because if you did then if would look like a jumbled up POS. I think votes should be taken on the content since everyone is in such and up roar about it. narrow it down to the 3 favorite ideas for the calendar then everyone will get a chance to vote over a week or two's time. and there you have it :) problem solved~! Considering the content and the price I might would buy one.

As far as the overpopulation of the earth goes...... I would think that you would like the idea of Atheist who raise children with a mind of their own. Aren't we trying to make the world non religious? well I think at this point the christians are winning and they keep poppin them out so yeah some atheist might need to have kids as well. I have 4 and I took offense to your statement. I love kids and would not mind seeing little atheist babies in the calendar. They are the future.

Sorry for going off tack, but then again I wanted to put my opinion out there as well.
Believe me... baby popping is no less offensive to me
As a matter of fact, there was a baby in last year's calendar... being kissed by its father (in the male calendar).

There was a little miscommunication about what this calendar would feature, however. There will not be separate male and female calendars. The calendar with people in it will have MANY different types of people. If an atheist mother sends in a pic of her and her baby, we're going to include it. Each month will be a montage of different people.

We decided to also do a quotes-only calendar.
Famous atheists get plenty of exposure already. I like the idea of keeping the calendar in house and only using pics of members, and/or their children/pets.

T|A member pictures are still the idea. The famous atheists would be limited to birthdays or quotes, the way I envision it.
I love the calendar, and last year's was really good. I'd love to be "Miss December", if you're accepting photos yet. (:
Last year's calendars were great. I want to be in the next one, so just let us (me :D) know when to submit pics. I'll think of something...
I'll be interested in the 2011 calendar as well. I think I'll even have to submit a picture this time.
I think a calendar's great. Reading this discussion was fun, too. We are an awfully opinionated, argumentative bunch!
I would love to see fun facts like "On This Date" stuff regarding atheist related information and theistic failings such as end of the earth predictions and all of the times Ted Haggard discovered he was gay.
"On this day in history: Jesus failed to show up, yet again."
On a serious note, though, I really like this idea.
I'm going to submit a picture of myself that makes my gender clearly obvious. I think others should do the same. I'll call it "I think atheist, I use my head as often as possible"
"I'm going to submit a picture of myself that makes my gender clearly obvious."

I don't think pictures of genitals will be approved. :-P


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