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Since last year's calendars were such a success, we'd like to do them again this year. This time, however, we're doing a montage of all photos that are submitted for each month (provided enough photos are submitted, and they meet the requirements). This is just a preliminary discussion thread, so feel free to share your ideas on what you'd like to see! We would just love some feedback on them for now.



Here is a small sample of last years calendar.

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I've only seen these very few pictures of last year's calendar, were there pictures of anyone not white??

Exactly! Must be some racial filtering going on.


No one but white people submitted pictures because non-whites know how racist calendars are because white people tend to be featured in them.


They associated the Julian calendar with Roman Catholic sex abuse and refuse to support such a thing!


Calendars written with Arabic numerals that were developed by Indian mathemeticians are deeply insenstive to Americans who lost their call center jobs.

We CAN politicize everything! Pattern seeking run amok!
It was a very simple question, yes or no...
But you chose not to answer... odd
I have always been suspicious of anything displaying ONLY white people.
It was a very simple question, yes or no...
But you chose not to answer... odd
I have always been suspicious of anything displaying ONLY white people.

Oh, it was a question? Sorry, I only saw a political statement. How odd, indeed!

The answer: I don't know. I didn't buy one last year and I don't recall the layout. But, if it was filled with only white people, then I guess we are obligated to assume the worst.
Oh, for the love of FSM... there are so few black atheists that it's not surprising there may have only been 1 or 2 on that calendar, or none at all. And if none of them submitted pictures, then how else are they going to get on the calendar?

Stop assuming the worse. Implying racism where there might be none is just dangerous.
I know we aren't racist! But I think we should make the effort, in that if no non-whites volunteer images ... to maybe give a special shout-out? to maybe give some encouragement. They know their communities are harsh on atheists so it may be harder for them to make a public display.

So I'd say : encouragement, support...
I certainly agree with that, T A A.


Bam! Only 21 members, though. And probably not many that are still active (or even black).
I like the multiple people per page and involving both genders on a single calender. Depending on the number of entries, we could have more participants this year. Up to 4 people per page would equal 48 possible participants as well as 48 awesome quotes (I really like the quote idea).
If the quote has been used already, I think we can use a quote out of the quote group, but I like the idea of quotes and famous athiests birthdays.
I am new here and have no clue about last years calendar.

How about much like presidents b-days or famous peoples b-days on all calendars, we have days noted of famous atheist or scientist birthdays or days when great things in non believer history happened.
The ladies on think atheist are all hot. I'm getting a ladies calendar for sure.
I wasn't around for last years calendar but I like the idea of a calendar... sounds like a fun project! I like the idea of having 4 people per page and including favorite quotes... to avoid repeats of quotes I think everyone should submit several quotes with their pictures. I also like the idea of including famous atheist's birthdays and scientific events and such on the calendar.
Good call, Becca. I like the "On this day in scientific history" angle, too!


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